Na si hizi elections zifike


Everyday I keep seeing similarities between these people and Trump supporters who are attacking anyone taking a knee during the national anthem to protest police brutality. Another confirmation of this madness, so apparently anyone who doesn’t support NASA is not a patriot. Since NTV was called out by LOP, they’ve been kissing ass so hard and I still don’t understand what value Miguna brings ndio wamlete karibu kila siku for discussions. But with ‘rightist’ people like Kaikai in high positions in NMG, levelheaded news are a dream.

Hakuna uchaguzi baba amesema
Our constitution opens with three powerful words: We, the People.

The history of reform, change and progress in this country is the history of the struggle of ordinary, grassroots leaders seeking to make Kenya a better place for all.

Change in Kenya has never come from Parliament, from the Office of the President, or from State House, or from people who want things to remain as they are; because they want to keep what they already own.

Parliament, OP or State House did not give us multiparty politics. No. It is Parliament, OP and State House that made Kenya a single-party State and caused a lot pain to our country. Parliament did not give us a new constitution. In fact, Parliament, OP and State House were among the institutions that propagated the idea that Kenya did not need a new constitution. It is Parliament and the Executive that killed the transformative Bomas Draft.

No Kenyan should lose sleep because individuals have gone to State House and announced his or her defection.

Our quest for change as NASA therefore remains focused on the masses or the people. That is the group no money can buy. That is the team that recognises this as a struggle for eternity not for immediate gain. We shall never focus on a few leaders and election losers who are looking for how to make hay while it shines.

That is the reason we have today held talks with these leaders from the county of Kajiado who feel the pain of the lack of direction in the country and the steady return of dictatorship.

People seeking individual gain have correctly identified that Jubilee is the place to go. We will not waste time trying to stop them. In fact, we are aware that Jubilee has set up a Defectors’ Fund to finance the buying of leaders and losers and create the impression that there is an exodus from NASA. Of course the money is being stolen from the public and it is the reason the economy has stagnated and nearly all workers are on strike.

The only exodus we know and recognise is the exodus from leadership of corruption, tribalism, nepotism and arrogance. That is the exodus that made life so difficult for Jubilee in August that it had to steal the election. In a free and fair contest, Jubilee will lose again. And that is why Jubilee is not keen on a free and fair contest.

We however want to assure the people of Kenya that change is on the way. Change is coming to Kenya this time round. Before this change can come, there will be a lot of drama. Many will fall by the wayside. Many will fall for the good things in Pharaoh’s court and forget that we were leaving Egypt for Canaan.

Our journey to Canaan is on and almost complete. Let us all remember that of the leaders that left Egypt for Canaan with the Israelites, many fell by the wayside and only Joshua and Caleb were able to cross into the promised land.

So don’t worry about the defectors who are benefiting from the Jubilee Defectors’ Fund. Only ask yourself whether Joshua is still with you and whether he is still ready to lead.

I assure you that Joshua is still leading the team out of Egypt and will not tire until we settle in the Promised Land.

Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga,

(Notes at meeting with Kajiado leaders, 9th October 2017)