Na pale Hong Kong.


[SIZE=7]Hong Kong protesters sing Star Spangled Banner, appeal to Trump to ‘liberate’ city[/SIZE]
Hong Kong’s government promised last week to withdraw the proposed law that triggered a summer of unrest in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.
Protesters march to the U.S. consulate in Hong Kong on Sunday.VIVEK PRAKASH / AFP - Getty Images
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Sept. 8, 2019, 4:53 AM ET
By Associated Press

HONG KONG — Thousands of Hong Kong protesters on Sunday sang the Star Spangled Banner and called on President Donald Trump to “liberate” the Chinese-ruled city, the latest in a series of demonstrations that have gripped the territory for months.

Police stood by as protesters, under a sea of umbrellas against the sub-tropical sun, waved the Stars and Stripes and placards appealing for democracy after another night of violence in the 14th week of unrest.

“Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong,” they shouted before handing over petitions at the U.S. Consulate. “Resist Beijing, liberate Hong Kong.”
Hong Kong has been rocked by a summer of unrest kicked off by a proposed law that would have allowed criminal suspects to be sent to mainland China for trial.


Hahaha! :D:D:D This is gold!

Hong Kong, America stands with you.

What do they have to offer uncle Sam?

Watangoja sana.

Swali tu kwani the voters can’t recall , impeach the President , PM ? Mbona huyo mama ana behave kama African diktetas kukatalia kitu na watu wamemkataa . does China decide who is prezo

One, psychological warfare against China. It’s a clear indication that the Beijing propaganda machine is failing. What does that portend for other territories like Taiwan? It’s a huge validation for Trump, democracy and capitalism when citizens of your country are more aligned to American ideals.

Yes China ndio decider. Ni kama vile wakati wa mkoloni, Kenya was ruled by a governor appointed by the queen. Sasa huyo mama ni governor appointed by Xi Jinping.

Position yake ni Chief Executive of Hong Kong. Na Hong Kongers wanadai self determination kama Kenyans in the 1950s.

Taiwan unajua walijitoa kitambo. The real fear ni pale Xinjiang province. A very rich area in terms of minerals. The real owners are Muslims called Uyghurs among other tribes.

Wameketiwa kama chapati wasidhubutu kujiondoa China. Hong Kong might ponyoka but not Xinjiang.

Hata Tibet iko strategic sana for their future silk road na maji pia kwa wingi.

Jinping hataki kuskia Uighurs… Some kind of ethnic cleansing is going on.

HK people have the highest IQ, they can’t be wrong.

heheh democracy watapata Libya Syrian style… though china would never allow it

Been going on for years but wameongeza moto in recent times, mosques gave been demolished.

Just some confused teenagers with too many facebook freedoms. The reality that they don’t count for anything will hit them soon.

You must be very confused. Do you have any idea why Taiwan has no Embassy in the United States? It is because Taiwan is part of China and the United States has admitted halfway that it ought to be the case. If China has repeatedly threatened to take back Taiwan by force, what makes you think they can let Hong Kong get away?

Too much propaganda this is. Radical Islam, when combined with poverty, is sure trouble for any country. China is intent on eradicating both challenges rather than produce another pocket of Muslim rebellion as is the case in all other continents.

Taiwan haijawai kuwa mali ya China. Taiwan is where the real govt of China is located, the one that was chased away by the communists otherwise known as the Kuomintang. That is why Taiwan is known as the Republic of China.

The Kuomintang party (NPC) today have a soft spot for Beijing but it doesn’t matter they are no longer in power.

So KMT are techically an opposition party?

Ogopa CIA kama mama mkisii kwa ploti:D

Read up a bit about Chiang Kai Chek…