Na Kweli the US is Ferked..........They Just Shot Another Black Dude

Imagine the guy is a therapist who was trying to return a patient to a clinic. He is told to lie down, which he does, and raises his hands. He tells them who he is and tries to get his patient - a Latino - to comply. He is also tells the poo-lice that he is unarmed, and keeps his hands in the air.

Despite all that, they still shoot him in the leg!

And then cuff him and wait for 20 minutes for an ambulance as he bleeds. No first aid.

And when he asks the officer why he shot him the cop replies “I don’t know”.

Afadhali our cops even 100 times aki!

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Let’s retaliate and do them 5 more… that’ll be 6

I wish I was there

People like vilifying our officers but they are not trigger happy.

for a[SIZE=16px] G3 rifle you have to accomplish over 1000 muscle moves to cock, aim, fire and steady yourself from the kickback, while doing all this you get back to your senses. But for a 9mm handgun you only use your thum and index finger 2palm and Bang nigger dead.[/SIZE]

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Yes police are killing black dudes but there is more black on black deaths than those caused by police

… And so the police black killings don’t really matter! That’s your BS.


Panic + gun= complete disaster

Nimesema wapi it don’t matter?

Shouldn’t that officer be taken to court?

He saying that it is insignificant. This dudes kill each other every other day, so shooting one more isn’t a big deal.


There are also more white on white deaths than those caused by police. Your point is?

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you also forgot to mention that there are also more white on white deaths than caused by the police

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There is no outcry on deaths of black men killed by other black men.

You also forgot that sometimes i think i drink more white cups than they have in stock, now that we are talking white. No pun intended.

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Oh yes there is, YouTube is your friend.

Wewe kirusi, you know you imply more in your statement than what you have written.
And by the way, it’s about police(who include blacks, too) against blacks, and not entirely racial.

Thank God we have 42+ tribes here or else this nonsense would be happening here hutu-tutsi style

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My friend wacha kufikiria Kama ngombe, We are annoyed by a protector killing people he should protect because of their skin color! Black on black,black on hurricanes, black on road carnage or even Black on HIV deaths is a completely different matter. Donge? In the first place those black on black deaths you use to justify your lame urguement should have been avoided if the police were doing what they are employed to do protect lives and property.



Hapa sasa ndo mi huanza kufanya meeting na myself on behalf of PARENTS + SON. Agenda ikiwa…SHAMBA/NGOMBE iliyo uuzwa, FEES iliyolipwa shuleni na KONDOO iliyo kuwa ikilipiwa fees…


Why don’t you present your argument and stats to back your argument instead of insulting my parents and I.