Na kwani, hi madaraka day ilikuwa na nini?

Mara nasikia ingine was held entirely in kikuyu despite being televised nationally, wakanyima Baba platform wakidhani wamemuweza kumbe ndio akatrend hata kuliko kama angezungumza. Hii je?

[SIZE=6]Commissioner in trouble for ‘endorsing’ Jubilee at fete[/SIZE]
By Wilberforce Netya | Friday, Jun 2nd 2017 at 23:49
Trans Nzoia County Commissioner Anne Gakuria. (Photo: File/Standard)
Trans Nzoia County Commissioner Anne Gakuria got into trouble with residents for preaching Jubilee’s agenda in her Madaraka Day speech.

Ms Gakuria proclaimed that the Jubilee government will win the August 8 elections much to the chagrin of the audience.

“This Government will be back in power to complete its projects and you need to know that,” she said amidst the chants.

But the big crowd, which had turned up for the celebrations at Kitale showground, shouted her down with chants of “NASA”.

It took the intervention of Deputy Governor Stanley Tarus to calm the crowd, which only backed down after Tarus said they were free to elect leaders of their choice.

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Dr Tarus said the region was an Opposition stronghold and shouted “NASA” to the delight of the crowd.

“We are free to elect the leaders we want. As you may know, this region has a strong support for NASA so don’t worry. Cast your vote for your preferred leaders on August 8,” he said.

Speaking at the event, Governor Patrick Khaemba said the Jubilee government was withholding title deeds meant for the county’s residents even after his administration paid for them to be processed.

Secret celebrations

He asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to release the documents, saying residents cannot utilise their land without them.

In Meru, Governor Peter Munya accused national Government officials of excluding him from the Madaraka Day celebrations.

Mr Munya said the national Government officials held the celebrations in “secrecy” in Nkubu instead of Meru town where the celebrations are normally held.

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Munya said as governor, he was to be the chief guest at the celebrations and questioned why the officials excluded him from programme.

“Madaraka Day is organised jointly by the national and county Government. We share the cost of hosting such celebrations, but the County Commissioner sneaked it out to Nkubu,” he said

Munya said the fete was to be held at Kinoru stadium, two kilometres from Meru town.

“We heard that it was to be held at Mikinduri or Gikumene, but they sneaked it out to Nkubu,” Munya said when he addressed a rally at Mikinduri.

County Commissioner Wilfred Nyagwanga was not available for comment.

Meanwhile, Munya has also said that national Government officials in the county have colluded with his rival to rig him out in the August elections.

While addressing his supporters at Mikinduri Primary School in Tigania East on Thursday, he asked voters to help him guard his votes.

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“We know about the meetings held by the administrators which they call peace meetings but they are planning how they will rig me out,” he said. “We are determined and we will make sure that the process is free and fair

I thought these were days where the day internal self ruled was granted and should be commemorated as such, not tumbilee campaigns and brinkmanship? Where did we go wrong as Kenyans?


commissioners are supposed to be nonpartisan.


Na kwanza according to the law, state officers shouldn’t be campaigning. Ass kissing lazima iwe practiced mpaka iwe at par with disciplines kama medicine.


This is unfair. Nkaissery not only preaches Jubilee’s agenda but he openly campaigned for a Jubilee candidate during the nominations


The governor is being cheeky, he didn’t attend any planning meeting but rejected the venue afterwards since he deemed it to be the home ground of his opponent.
It’s a national holiday, the County government is invited as a courtesy but the planners and implementers are the National government

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That commissioner needs to style up. That’s a dangerous game she is playing and its against the law. Armed forces, County Commissioners, Chiefs, Teachers, and all civil servants should keep to their respective constitutional paths. Once you politicize the civil service, there’s no going back. No one will trust them and its a tough road that one.


Munya is sure he is losing judging by the reception he gets, he is just looking for scapegoats.


Hii ni ya hapa kweli @Tarantinoh ? Ama ni mi sijaelewa

Hehehehe Elections shall be conducted by iebc, secured by NPS, and KFS, KwS, wherever they are available, the rest of the civil servants shall only participate by voting, You were warning civil servants to maintain neutrality, I was supporting that by introducing the naughty angle.

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:D:D I guess my brain is just slow today.


Ita fika point where police army have to campaign for uhuruto in order to keep their respective jobs…the country will become too polarised


:D:DIko sawa Sir, it’s a weekend after a midweek holiday.

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Munya ametajwa hapo kwa hiyo article, that’s what @Tarantinoh is referring to.


ulisoma story yote au ulikimbia kwa comments?

Kukimbilia tu comments bana. Tangu Madaraka Kichwa imeenda shopping. Imagine nimerudia nikaiona. I think I need 12 hours of sleep.


Wabukusu hatutaki ujinga

Nappy Seal, ndege haijawashwa? Ama bado wanaiosha?

Nasa huyo! Alienda akikauka.