Mzungu says US should recolonize Africa

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I AGREE. Hii nungunungu banae…inaharibu nchi.

Only in his dreams

Jambazi sugu kutoka sukoi lenye kichwa cha miraba minne na misuli mithili ya Samson

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Meanwhile …

DR Congo is silently going through a silent genocide.
Millions of people are being killed so that the Western world can benefit from its natural resources.

More than 60% of the world’s Cobalt reserves are found in Congo, used in the production of smartphones , electronics and weapons.

Western countries are providing financial military aid to invade regions filled with reserves and in the process millions are getting killed and millions homeless.

Multinationals mining companies are enslaving people and especially child labour to mine recources…


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…is the mother dead? Mehn!!!

UN-sponsored genocide.

Dead as a Dodo …

The UN is a worthless , Toothless Dog that is a dumping ground for useless Western “technocrats” …

Everyon there is an “expert” of something but you don’t see any real results from them …
Just one conference after another and cocktails in the evenings …

Did you know that 60% of the UN Budget goes towards non-Core activities of that Organization …???
Bure Kabisa … :rage:

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The main reason behind DR Congo instability …

That is why the western world wants Africa to be poor because if Africa becomes rich, the western world will regress and they wont enjoy their lifestyles. That is why they give us aid and loans knowing well it will be stolen by politicians. The more they steal, the more we remain poor. Those conditions are smoke screens to think the white man cares about us African.

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