Mzungu amesema Kenya is a very dangerous country.

[SIZE=5]25. Kenya[/SIZE]
Political Stability Score: -1.12

Kenya is an African country that fares poorly in political stability. It has a high crime rate score of 61.73. The country is mired in ethnic violence with a history of gross human rights abuses.

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Okanyal Crick!

Everything you see and hear is by design.
There is a reason that you probably do not benefit from the tourist industry yet Kenya is a “tourist” destination…

In and around September October of 2018, Uhuru gathered everybody around the table to self congratulate makiofi kilo) on the nation having achieved a 2mil visitors mark.
Mark you…this was seen as a huge milestone in Kenyas 150yr tourist industry which boasts natural land wildlife, national parks, a huge diverse cluster of cultures and history which the locals are subtly taught to alienate and look down upon…
The nation also boasts the only point on equator that has snow year round, the great rift valley and the escarpment. Natural high training attitude in Iten, hundreds of golf courses, marine fauna serving a huge migratory route for the whales, tuna, sword fish, white sandy beaches of the south coast let alone kilifi…tea and coffee estates which Kenyans no longer own!!
In the same year of 2018, an Asian nation slightly smaller than Kenya, and also survives on the local tourist industry…was having a rough time.

With its 55 yr old tourism industry, the tourism industry staged nation wide demonstrations on the nation for not having managed to reach the projected 30million visitors annually.
So you wonder, what is the distinction here??
what else does Thailand have in an advantage over Kenya other than beaches and bitches? Thais don’t have anything else other that the beaches…which Kenya has in plenty save for the lakes…

Well, it is very simple.
The Kenyan model is controlled by a few very wealthy individuals…they build infrastructure to cater for the wealthy high end clientel through these unaffordable victorian packages which are way beyond reach for majority in the west.
A 7 day trip to Kenya can see a back packer travel, get accommodation for 30 days!
These bow tie claded mofos also make the conditions worse to discourage back packers…they make sure it is insecure enoughtfor back packers to travers the land because these back packers live very modestly.
These wealthy individuals make sure your local police remains pedestrian and underfunded…wake up Kenya…you need to understand how your country is run. Wacheni kupangwa.
So when you see a muthungu writing on insecurity in Kenya, remember that is not because he cares for ya, but what he’s saying is he wants to gain more access to your country but he cannot

The rest of the world looks down on Africa . Shida ni sisi wenyewe.

The last time i checked, Rome was getting as many as 15M tourists annually such that the city dwellers came to loath the tourist season due to too many tourists displacing them in hotels, cafes and even in the streets.

Yes and the city dwellers loath these turists because they can afford to.
Still there is a humongous distinction between a city and nation on concentration thereof without any need of further elaboration.

tuko tu sawa wake na homos wao huko

Kila mtu akae kwao

We are always being oppressed