Mzoe kupenda chips mwitu

Location : kware tassia
First footbridge from Donholm.

[ATTACH=full]389781[/ATTACH]Nv pitia hapa kwanza halafu ujifunze ku-attach mbicha


A clear illustration that some men think with their d*cks when making lame financial decisions

A clear indication that we have smart women who know that and can invest in flaunting some thigh to better their business! Kudos to the lady!

I like this. Wengine wanaketi kwa nyumba wakitegea pesa ya wanaume.

Sasa ubaya watu wa hii area ya chips mwitu wataumia juu ya mafisi wa huku wanaeza kukanganya huyo madam the only saviour ni awanyoroshe atoke na sonford yake kudos to the hard working lady

Smart lady, heard she attends college and that’s her side hustle kudos to her.

Achungane before apatane na matapeli wampige mimba na kuingia karura forest.

How much is a plot in tassia 50x100?

Rephrase to 33 by 66 ni how much ? huko sio mushatha

Hakuna kitu

That’s what gonna happen.

SV chieth Kati hapo kwanza

Hard working Lady who is earning a decent living …
Preferable to those blood sucking slay queens that so many in here worship …


A woman that goes out of her way to earn her coins should be commended .

Bosibori…namwonanga pale twirra…

Yaani based on those few pics, you already concluded she’s hardworking?!!

She looks like a nice human being. Uhuru bana umeangusha youth.

What has made you conclude that she is not hardworking … ??? :D:D

Rexxsenga unasumbua, I have not concluded anything yet, but I can smell some lanye genes in her