Mzito Trump Nne Tena..

Just happened when he is about to be impeached… :D:D:D
There can’t be a more obvious diversion tactic. Too bad for him even republicans are not with him on this one.

Right bs, only believed by Trump bonobos.
Also, Trump has hated Somalia from day one. Not that I blame him for that. Early in his presidency, he wondered whey they could not ban refugees from "f*****g Somalia.

Trump is just dumb as fuck.
He doesn’t understand soft power. He is wiping out decades of US foreign policy that has helped it remain the biggest economy.
America gets more from the world than the small monies it spends on aid and military protection.

If the rest of the world gets tired with his bs, the dollar can be dropped in an instant.
Then, we can see who would need protection.

human rights groups na extreme left will throw a giant hissy fit

Merge this thread with “Trump Impeachment”. We will have a million threads otherwise. This thing is going down.