Mzito Putin Amesema Apantambua Takataka

Russia to expel 150 western diplomats.
Kwaniiiiiiii, these stupid western countries think they’re the only ones who know the formula for kicking out diplomats?? I mean, yeah, it is likely the guy was poisoned by Russian intelligence, but they don’t have any watertight evidence to prove it. Rushing to expel diplomats without providing any evidence is quite childish. Britain and America are not only urging other countries to expel Russian diplomats, they’re also bullying those that fail to do so. It’s clear the west is very afraid of a resurgent Russia, and will try and use any excuse to clip Moscow’s wings. On a light note, New Zealand was very eager to comply with “orders”, but try as they might, they just couldn’t find Russians to expel. It’s still not clear how they went about the business, but I’m assuming NZ police would stop random Russians in the streets and ask them, “mate, are you a Russian spy? Be truthful now, or I’ll be mighty cross with you!!” Obviously they all replied “nyet” to that question.
Anyway, it looks like Cold War 2.0 is on in full swing. I just like the way China is observing events from a distance. The Chinese are like “yes, prease don’t stop. We are enjoying your chirrdish antics. Don’t mind us, we are quietry pranning worrd domination.”

But seriously, when you are a former Russian spy who used to work as a double agent for British Intelligence, who is alleged to have exposed the identities of hundreds of Russian secret agents, what do you expect? Like, do you expect to die of natural causes? At some point, someone will try to murder your treasonous ass.

Russia on Thursday escalated a confrontation with Europe and the United States over the poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain, saying it would expel 60 American diplomats and an unspecified number of envoys from other countries to retaliate for a mass expulsion of Russian diplomats working in the West and beyond that was ordered this week.
Furious at what it described as an anti-Russian campaign orchestrated by Washington and London, the Kremlin exceeded an equivalent response to the United States and ordered the closing of the American Consulate in St. Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city. The consulate is bigger and far more important to relations than the Russian Consulate in Seattle, which the Trump administration ordered closed on Monday as part of its expulsion decree.


Tuko nyuma ya mzito

putin is a fool and he thinks he can bully superpowers , ajue huwezi bully mzito Trump . for what happened Putin should be at the ICC , thats plain arrogance kuuwa mtu live . kuuwa defector agent is allowed and has been happening since siku za Eden mungu akirusha shetani earth na kumuandama na angel Gabriel awamalize but cheza kama CIA jamaa anakufa tu natural causes . apart from the nuclear arsenal Russia is just another shitty third world country , economy imechapaa with the govt being run by the mafia . for his info kicking out the diplomats does not hurt the other countries since Russia is chieth to them but russias diplomats being chased hurts Russia sanaaaa . umbwa yeye

The Chinese are like “yes, prease don’t stop. We are enjoying your chirrdish antics. Don’t mind us, we are quietry pranning worrd domination.”

China is in the West’s crosshairs too. They’re not watching from the sides and neither are they quietly planning anything. A US Navy destroyer sailed near the Chinese man made islands last week. Beijing condemned and vowed a response. This has been the routine ever since US Navy started sailing near the islands. Trump introduced import tarrifs on Chinese goods worth $60bn. China responded but did so on goods worth $3bn. Trump recently signed a travel bill encouraging direct travel to Taiwan by US officials. Not only that, Taiwan is going to get F-15Cs from the US. This was unheard of during Obama’s administation. Do you remember Trump threatening to sanction China if Xi didn’t reign in on Kim Jong Il? Beijing protested THAAD installation in South Korea but project still went on. As if that weren’t enough, US upgraded South Korea’s old Patriot system.
China isn’t really safe. She has avoided problems so far because she keeps to herself. She issues empty threats and that’s it. She is however very good at stealing IP and copying tech. (Lakini hawajawai elewa kutengeneza engine reliable for a fighter jet)

Russia, on the other hand, intervenes if her interests are threatened. She is busy in Syria, Donbass and Libya. She doesn’t welcome bullying. The US has tried flying near Russia’s borders but crazy interceptions by Russian pilots always has the US complaining.

Anyway, point is China isn’t safe.


A lot of generalizations, poor information and ignorance in the comments here especially by uwesmake and Wafs.

Ata russia wanafaa ku-fly Sukhoi off the florida coast ama washington DC. an eye for an eye.
hehehe seriosly equality doesnt exist on earth.
ni kama kusema nifunge mombasa road ama thika road nikienda home kesho juu uhuru huwa anafunga.

They always do that… Internatiobal waters chieth
Meffi wewe

This @Wafs guy is like a combination of Georgina and MFW and the guy who writes NRM/Jubilee conspiracies here.

Take note of the dozens of Chinese naval vessels caught exercising this week with an aircraft carrier in a large show of force off Hainan island in the South China Sea. Satellite images taken on the 26th. March 2018

Hakuna tofauti yako na kondoo

There is no way Russia would do that, a stupid amateurish move. They have NATO on their doorstep.
Russian naval planes have escalated their activities in the Barents sea and extended their flying formations all the way into the (south) North sea. All this is NATO territory.

Before January of this year, the Russians have been doing cat and mouse flying into Norwegian air-space, but recently they have aggressively flown using attacking formations.
On January the 15th this year, two Russian Tu-160 bombers did the unthinkable, they flew along the entire Norwegian shoreline all the way into the UK.
The royal Norwegian Air force fleet of F-16’s was unable to intercept the Russians due to extremely bad weather with winds exceeding 20-30 m/s.
The Russians flew over Norwegian territory from the Barents sea, The Norwegian sea, all the way south to the North sea on a 13 hour uninterrupted in your face joyride.
The Royal Airforce had to dispatch 2Typhooons from the Scottish air base of Lossiemouth at exactly 10:26am to intercept the Russians ( The britts wrote on daily mail that the interception was engaged before the Russians reached the 50mile into the UK…which is a "white lie :smiley: ), the bombers were not bothered and proceeded into Netherlands and Belgium!
An hour later the Royal Belgium airforce sent 2 F-16’S to aid the Typhoons.

A twitt showing the Russian joy trip


Imagination kwa wingi

Mzito Putin said had they poisoned that former double agent, he would have died instantly. That statement said a lot. Their nerve agent is potent. This one took days for him to die. Which raises the question that some former Russian operatives have some form of the nerve gas only mild. They live in britain and they may have acted alone or with the security services there to force a crisis for their own benefit. If you want to know of international crime, look at who benefits the most from it. No. 10 prime minister May shaky government has gained a lot from this crisis.

Story ya Brexit imewejwa jando kwa sasa…

Hopefully this is not a recycle of the stupid cold war that led to useless invasions and destruction of other countries.If it escalates to a cold war America should keep off other people’s land.

What language are you using?

the future is China unless trump nukes Beijing

Thanks to Obama, he deployed thousands of troops to east euros in buckets. Already nearly 5000 troops are on standby in Poland, 1000 troops in each of the countries Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Romania, 350 marines stationed in Trondheim Norway.

Leave our armchair experts alone