Mzito Musk and SpaceX prepares to launch 'Starship' in a few

At nearly 400 feet tall, Starship is the largest rocket to ever fly. SpaceX hopes it can become a vehicle for interplanetary travel.
Watch below for live launch;

This will just be a test flight for upcoming probable successful missions. Do you think mzito Musk has bitten more than he could chew with that humongous rocket size.The rocket has Super heavy booster.The first stage booster, named Super Heavy, is 70 m (230 ft) tall, 9 m (30 ft) wide, and contains thirty-three Raptor engines arranged in concentric rings.

Sema in 6 hours

Let’s bet :D:D:D:D naona ikilipuka

in hundreds of years, history shall remember Musk the same way it remembers Newton and Tesla. Tis nigga was at the forefront of every milestone development in tech. Sio AI, Finance, Space Travel and Communication. If Neuralink breaks through, then damn…

Why should Musk be remembered? He is just applying what is already in use. Those others generated new knowledge, Tesla was an inventor, Newton formulated laws of motion and gravity. Musk will be remembered as long as his companies exist

Kwanza amekanyaga hio media houses that are used to spread government propaganda.

Musk na wazito wengine walewatafika bei ndio watasurvive amargeddon incase nuclear war was to happen bora Mars kutapatikana kuna life

@sani hujaonekana ukileta wivu hapa?

Elon Musk sells hype

Wivu itakuua, si alitfikisha satellite ya jambass space?