Mzito Leo DiCaprio Never Dates a Woman Over 25

Mzito Leo DiCaprio never dates a woman over 25 years. Dem akifika 25 years jamaa anamtoka.

Why should a wealthy rich man be tied to an old woman past her expiry date?

MGTOW all the way.


Mjanja namuunga mkono, alikibia majukumu yakuulizwa hela za rent, gari mpya, karo na medical bill ya watoi wa buanake wakwanza.
Madem below 25 kitu wanaulizanga ni any iphone serie na kumpeleka for lunch at a middle class end restaurant, na some dress shopping alafu slices unapewa bila limit.

The most attractive women are below 25…They have less baggage, almost no kid, low notch count, they are less jaded and more curious, more fertile, less bitter unlike hawa wa 30 and above and are more feminine…You can’t blame Di caprio, acha akule life.

Ni sawa but Si azalishe hata wawili banae, we need future titanic actors banaaaa

Hata mimi I don’t do mipangos a day above 25 years :smiley:

Ngojea finest wine na kapote walete mharo ya bitterness.

He has the financial muscle. every young woman wants him.
It doesnt mean you with your dim personalities, roto tank stomach, ugly wives, and empty bank accounts can match up to him. Nevertheless, under 25 will always be available for you too, only not di caprio’s kind.

U25 is U25. Hata hatunuki uzee, na hatujui saana, especially kidless…watu wa njugu za red ground ni haapo.

And you wonder why Leo pulls in acting masterclasses every other film he’s casted in. Masterclass acting performance after masterclass acting performance…

There’s something about fucking under-25s that makes a man feel like he’s a man. He feels like he’s on top of the world and makes him the best actor of our generation.

Under 25s are learning to live life. They have few baggage and are less bitter. They may not be virgins but they are somehow fresh. Unakula kitu safi unatosheka kabisaa.

Over 25 ni spoilt goods!!

Mimi na @Bingwa Scrotum tulielewana no way we are coming near anything that’s aged over 25

And he makes them sign NDA’s. Mzito kweli kweli.

Mzito Anthony Kiedis was dating a 19 year Australian model at age 50
Scenes like this make the likes of finest wine foam at the mouth with rage

Leo is a smart dude and I respect him for sticking to his guns even after old bitter women and simps attempting to shame him severally. Imagine if he’d married at 30. He’d either be divorced or very happily unmarried. Look at what happened to Johnny Depp. Jamaa inafuga kunguru alafu kunguru inaleta Elon Musk kwa keja akule slices kama Depp hayuko. Leo has always pulled off oscar-level acting in every role he’s had, probably because he doesn’t have a soul-sucking hag at home nagging the creativity out of him. Meanwhile, a great actor like Depp gets cut lose from a role because his kunguru wife falsely accused him of abuse when she was the actual abuser.

Haha, I bet post-wall women his own age have tried everything to try and shame him for dating younger women. Post-wall women hate being reminded that they can never get a high-value man their own age or even younger to commit to them even for a single hour. All they get are bottom of the barrel trash kama zile ndume za Eldoret:D:D:D

Many white men are low key pedophiles.

I am sure he started moving around with the girl when she was around 15. This is a paedophile and deserves to be jailed for life

Alpha male apana tambua Post Wall Chieth

Not unless if the definition of paedophile changed. How is fucking a 19 year old in a regime that has set 16 as the age of majority paedo?

Umbwa ghassia takataka wachana na musito