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Tuko nyuma ya mzee putin[ATTACH=full]160452[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]160452[/ATTACH]

Tuko nyuma ya mzee putin[ATTACH=full]160454[/ATTACH]

Sabble rattling ile mbaya hadi white house ikatremble

Senior bashara @Ice_Cube Toa maoni

Btw Russia makes some formidable Warhead delivery systems… anyone doubting that is overly brainwashed.
Currently their Brahmos C.Missile has no defense against it.

utapost same picture mara ngapi? Punda

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When it comes to missiles and missile defence systems hao hata U.S inawatambua. When they were flirting with Iran to supply them with the s-300 missile defence system hata Israel shook in their boots.

Delivered in 2016

Then Netanyahu chilled down talks of targeted strikes on Iranian nuclear sites


They have secret cities that are in essence just huge military complexes but with schools hospitals restaurants and other amenities which any city would have. However, you cannot access those cities if you have a foreign passport.

It is operational in iran.There is no telling what else Putin has delivered to Iran since he open a Foward operating base there.

This is not news, that missile system has been in rumours for almost a decade. Even China has one. We are in a Tripolar world now, I support fully Russia and China in world influence, power and politics. The usa and the west has gone unchallenged across the globe starting wars and coups to protect their interests over the interest of locals.

In the run up to the 2008 Russia-Georgia war, the Russians complained about Israeli defense companies arming the Georgian army. Georgia was being misled by the West, who were using Israel as a middleman to supply them with weapons. They were under the assumption that the West would come to their aid should Russia attack. That’s why they were chest thumping. Lakini when the Russians put their vodka bottles down and initiated the fucking, all the Europeans and Americans could do was scream about ceasefire violations and threaten sanctions. Georgia got thoroughly fucked and none of their friends showed up to support them.
Though informed by broader geopolitical objectives, I think supplying Iran with that missile defense system was partly meant as a warning to Israel: you cause trouble in our neighborhood and we’ll make things very very difficult for you in your hood.

watu wa fupi kama Putin na @sludgist wanakuwanga wasumbufu sanaa . jamaa anaweza kuwa peke yake kwa nyumba na aanze vita na vyombo kwa kitchen

Even NATO has now slowed down expansion to the East. They are cautious about admitting countries that may force them to act on what they have on paper i.e. defend any member that gets attacked.



Sasa msito, ukiwa peke yako kwa nyumba utaanza aje fita na fyombo ma wewe sio manamukwe, si ungesema tuu fita na remote,tefee na fiti