Mzee kibor

Seems the master has kicked the bucket. Naona wanaume wote status za watsup wakipeana risala buana.
[ATTACH=full]426048[/ATTACH]legend himself addressing a group of mgtows .

@kanguthu bado anatombwa mkundu na babake mzazi kwa hivyo yeye ako tu sawa.


how old was he ?


88 si mbaya . but succession yake naona itakuwa muoto

A bold character he was. I liked how he pulled out a gun at his son and now the youngest wife will be crying all the way to the bank

I just hope he had submitted a clear elaborate will for all his property and possessions. Otherwise we are going to see fireworks from his family members in the near future.

ata kwa news ni neighbors ndo wanapeana condolenses. shows family haijasimama

He’s gone. He had kidney failure.

He had feuds with his kids. I can’t say he had anything elaborate because kept saying if he subdivides his properties when the kids are alive, they will sell.

That’s a sure time bomb. Those nyangaus watamalizana

If he had transferred something to his young wife and left a will then he can rest in peace.

21 green emoji for fallen soldier.

Shine on your way msito.