Mzee jomo kenyatta statue in cuba

Cuba honours mzee with statue at park of african heroes,[ATTACH=full]162886[/ATTACH]

Had a tete-a-tete with President @RaulCastroR of the Republic of #Cuba at the Presidential Palace in Havana. #KenyaCubaRelations | @CubaMINREX

Unajua ameenda kutafuta madaktari. Ask baba Lupita. We will be importing Cuban doctors by the hundreds, if not thousands. As long as my kids can get proper health care, I’m game. Wonder if kamwana had a cigar.

Whoever did the portrait thing, ajue huyo si Kenyatta .Hawafanani ,why didn’t they consult our own artist @introvert ?

Wewe kwenda huko wewe ni pessimist instead of appreciating unatafuta kitu mbaya ya kusema, shenzi kabisa

Dr Oluga and his Union watashangaa when we get Dr Ortega and Dr Lopez working side by side with Dr Krishna and Dr Sanjay at Kenyatta hospital performing critical operations on sick Kenyans.
They thought they could hold Kenyans for ransom every 5 years and just before the elections? I would like to support black doctors but when they throw their Hippocrates Oath down the toilet and flush it all for higher wages and as a result Kenyans die at the maternity ward and others die due to curable diseases such as pneumonia and malaria then I say to hell with those Kenyan doctors. I hope president Uhuru breaks their spinal cord.

Not my president

Who is?

Shida ni hiyo cycle ya Miaka tano, politicians will start asking why we have foreign doctors in our public hospitals, while ours are jobless and treated like 2nd class citizens. We all know how the spin will be.

The kenyan delegation must have super normal memory capabilities. Or they didn’t carry their notebooks and pens?

I don’t think we have jobless doctors, maybe a serious undercapacity.

Were they supposed to take notes? Is there going to be a test? :wink:

Language problem; what is said has to be translated from Spanish. I am guessing it would be more efficient to tape what is said.

Cuban Doctors earn between $23 to $67 dollars per month, and no I have not omitted any zeroes. $67 is for specialists. I saw a documentary where a Taxi driver in Cuba was bragging he can make more per trip than a doctor makes per month there. You find qualified engineers working as taxi drivers and cooks in the slowly upcoming private restaurants following Raul’s reforms.

Umewaonea 18.
Maybe this mission has nothing to do with importing doctors but I’m just hoping it is. Cuba rescued Africans during Colonial times and now it can rescue Africans again starting with Kenya.

My virtual friend for you to grow you need to interact with your peers from different cultures and traditions.
What can improve Kenya is the push by the government to bring in MNCs, Professionals and International learning institutions in this country. It creates opportunities and exposure and competition. We all know good competition leads to improved quality and quantity of commodities and lowered prices.
Even this push of doing away with kplc monopoly is very good in my personal opinion.

Yes we will get Cuban doctors to work in our public hospitals but remember in our CBA agreement with Doctors Union this will only happen in fields or areas whereby the position can’t be field locally. Oncologists, Neurosurgeons etc. Also Cuba will take our doctors for doctorate degree training for free something which our doctors have been fighting hard to get from Ministry of Health. This promise is also in the CBA and will be fulfilled.

Lastly and most importantly Cuba has done away with malaria through environment and pharmaceutical campaigns. They have agreed to do the same here. This whole trip was to actualize this one agreement. The others are just added value we got. Malaria remains the greatest killer in Kenya. It overburdens our healthcare system. @Luther12


You have been vindicated, 100 Cuban doctors are coming. Hope we improve our health care and public hospitals. Good health is priceless, look at Kirubi Chris.
Kenyatta should leave a legacy in health sector, our politicians though greedy should root for agriculture for sustainable sources of food and good health sectors. We don’t have to take relatives abroad for treatable ailments.

Even this push of doing away with kplc monopoly is very good in my personal opinion.
Am also in support of Kplc monopoly to come to an end. Healthy competitions is to the benefits of the Wanjiku

Hiyo maua ya Green hapo kwa background ni cannabis @introvert ?

@1824 which country has yours?