Mzee Abdallah Kusema "No"

I had this one chick in 2012 who threw herself at me after I broke up with my girlfriend and because I needed a shoulder to cry on or some soft ground to fall back on, I decided why not. So we hit it on and I recall asking for slices kwa room ya beste yetu, that day was good, I dived in like a fisi on a rampage nikararua vitu. We organised a rematch, and agreed venue ingekua hapo kwa hao ya beshte yake since she would be away for the weekend.
The big day came, I bought some alkaidas aka condoms bought some take away fries for her and I was off to the venue. Things were going good, little chit-chat chat hapa kule her laying her head on my lap while I brushed her hair, then all of a sudden she got weird telling me she loves country music, she supported some politician I didn’t favour. She actually went ahead and put her phone on speaker playing country music, such a turn off.
Now things got more awkward when we tried having sex, I tried all kinds of fore play, we kissed, she had this extra long and hard tounge which she kept pushing into my mouth and it felt like a reptile. Now mzee abdala was flat, I decided maybe if I went down on her, the sight of pussy would arouse my ding aling. When I got down there damn the noxious fumes that met me, I nearly suffocated, I came back up so fast she must have wondered , was it hygiene or what?!
That night we slept without doing anything, sometime through the night I awoke to check on my dick if it was interested, everytime mzee abdala would be like nyet, not today bruh I ain’t f’n no sewer! The finger I used had putrid a stench till I washed it of with a scrubber and soap.
The next day we parted ways, I wonder what was going through that girls mind, that I was impotent maybe?

:D:D:D:D:D “Alkaidas”

Villager not today. Kwenda leta mbisha

Villager leta mbisha ya yeye akisema YES

Onge nyonga mjulubeng alafu uguze kichwa kwa ikus…hiyo joto inge changamsha Abdla

Hehe bad idea, iyo ni manhandle mjulubeng

Mkumbwa mbisha ya 2012 natoa wapi. Nyi ndo wale hushika book juu iko na pictures

Uki nyonga hapo juu karibu na kichwa it works wonders

Bachelor party yangu nilijaribu round 2 Abdallah akakataa. Na vile nilikuwa nimepangia kufyeka hiyo night.

Kazi ya mungu. I’ve noticed that abdala mostly refuses to perform kama hauko home ground

hapo sawa brenjin, sisi hapana tambua cooomer chafu hata abdala ako na rights zake

Sketch, pinhole camera pics,thermal image, ct scan, x ray will do


bila effdense…
Kimbia ulete hata radar blip

I can totally relate.

You remind of the movie “Species” hapo yenyewe mjulubeng atashtuka

Never force abdalla… sometime this small head has better reasoning than the bigger one

Hehe yeah it was like being voilated by an alien