Mzansi women

Since their mean are looting huko SA

status reports from those who have dated and married them?

dos and don’ts?

compared to Kenyan women what makes them tick?

Khumalo ntombile wako sawa

Retreat. Take Cover. Do not Enter.

Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.

To them ngono ni kama greetings, so be prepared kusalimiana na squad ya maboiz kaa wote wale wanamjua

Are you subtly saying that Satafrika is a “Wangapi” Country?

Weka soksi na testing kit kama zote mpangoni.

Their girls are very beautiful but tabia ni mbaya sana

Na ahakikishe mgel pia amevaa femidom…

Do people still go RAW?

tena in this day and age?


You might be tempted, nakupatia disclaimer usiletee sisi hekaya kama ya hile mwarimo ya homescience, kichwa mnazi @Ndekwe

Unajua Lumumba drive?

Haiya! Hauna habari? Rubber is for sissies

Wapi bukusu @mikel atupatie first hand experience, khupipi yake anatoka hizo maeneo

bibi ya @mikel ni Mzulu tuseme maboy kawangware wamemtomba wote?

@Barueri mbona unatusi mimi ndugu, am a proper luhyia sio bukusu za kuchapwa na bibi kama @uwesmake uwesmakende and wetangula…they are also known to go for low hanging fruits kama lusaka and kituyi walivyo fanya.
Anyway back to the matter at hand i wouldnt advice anyone to MARRY a xhosa woman, extremely beautiful but also very generous before marriage and annoyingly independent…most are single mothers …i dated quite a number before i settled down…zulus on the other hand are also beautiful but not at xhosa level and also promiscuous as young adults…but make very good traditional wives ready to serve and service their husbands and have no problem even if you bring in a second wife provided you do it the traditional way and can provide. But dont marry from kzn, there is something about that province and HIV, i think it accounts for 90% of cases in mzansi. Yaani those zulus are so used to hiv that it nolonger scares them.
@HNIC, my beautiful wife is from southern Africa, not zulu but has some xhosa blood courtesy of her mother. Shes a very accomplished and polished lady yet very traditional and down to earth wife of 11 years. i won a lottery when it comes to a wife thats why i never take her for granted. She stuck with me and actually covered for me when i lost two and only sources of income in quick succession, lost friends, got deported and most importantly she quit a proper job and followed me to kenya after i had lost everything and both of us had to start from scratch in a bedsitter. My kids are also very lucky to have her as a mother…oh and she has taken in my daughter from taita as her own so i guess with women its never a good thing to generalise, am sure hata hapa kiambu kuna some very good wife materials:D

The ladies are good looking and generous especially the younglings below 30. And be sure you will be sharing the goodies with a local random guy but they warm up to foreigners as the typical mzansi guy is lazy and long winded

What about Pedi women?

Proper wives, Very humble, faithful and traditional but not as beautiful as xhosa. They serve you while on their knees

I’m sold

Never ventured those parts. The nearest I got was with Zim around 16 yrs ago otherwise, naishia kutazama tuu kwa social media. Obviously when I saw the Mandela Grandkids and those from high society wanaokena kuwa watakuwa watamu sana. Also following some on social media like Pearl Thusi, I’m pretty much hopelss and I know my pull out game will be weak.

Couldn’t work out between Xhosa and Zulu chicks. I know some look like Brazilians though not shape-wise. Thanks for the elaboration.

Sasa on a serious note, any iputs between buying a property in Cape vs Jburg? I know most Africans bought properties huko (I still dream of living Clifton, Camps bay or any affluent area huko Western Cape) lakini for some reasons I’m not privy to looks like the majority of Africans prefer buying huko Joburg (Sandhurst, Bryanston, Hyde Park, Houghton, Westcliff and the like)

Whatever the case, come what may, we need to put roots huko Soza.