Mzansi kumeharibika.


I have no speck of respeck for satafrikans… i loathe them

tombwaaaa somali cockroach

Let it burn stupid niggers the white man build sa to BE a power house now they destroying it with crime

Why is that fat brother of yours hiding behind black security personnel’s?
Atawezana vita na hiyo kitambi kweli?


Uwesmakende stop thinking with your kinyambis everytime, iba vitu ya maana si dildos

They don’t care about your skinny opinion ,tomba mbuzi porepore

Mali yetu mentality will turn SA into a huge slum in the next 50yrs.

They are our brothers. Let them join us in the sewers. Why is it even a debate that we black Africans are stoopid? I think we Africans should source some remote, bare, barren desert place a few thousand square kilometers on this our beloved continent and give it to whites. In a few years, we will not be needing to die in the red sea trying ti cross to wazungu land. We will just simply immigrate there on foot and start looting.

historical injustices must be corrected

Malisa hio grenade launcher S550F

All bonobos out there have a TV by now

They are also part of Subbies,noone asked for your opinion anyway…go play with grenades you are used pale Uarabuni

Kime umana huko, whats going on?

Noma sana


Umenena ukweli for once,seems hio comment haijaland vizuri huku kijijini.waafrika hawapendi the truth