mzae amesema hatuezi ishi kwa boma moja ndume wawili.

I have been looking for a job the whole of 2017. hundreds of applications n still not a single call.
Dear Lord please answer my prayers this new year…
any one out there with a job opportunity please help mi…
I don’t mind even if it’s a casual job.


Try working online in fiverr


You need also to get serious.
If you want help from here why can’t you say something on your speciality, education etc…ama unangoja uulizwe… this is how u spoil first impression esp if u meet thorough people. Compe is tough out here and u might only need a second to attract or loose attention from a serious network


what’s that

Use google

graduated with a bsc in biochemistry and currently am looking for any job

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have you visited local secondary schools to find out if the BoM can hire you to teach so you are not idle?


yea I have

I was there once but mimi.mzae hakuni threaten.Something eventually came up after persistent applying for any job that my qualification fitted.


Usiloose home my fren. It is darkest right before dawn. Keep applying



For villagers to at least give you pointers, please give us what your average day is like.

Take for example on a Monday, watu wakiamka kuenda kazini, what time do you wake up and what how do you spend the rest of your day? Break it down as much as possible.


Kufudisha Chem/Bio anaweza pata 20k…alipwe na mpesa …hakuna tax


God is faithful… Doors open just when you are about to give up!! Hold on. It could’ve been worse


Try talking to parents around your area and start tutoring pupils and students. This can earn you enough money to at least move to a single room in a place like Kariobangi. Tutoring can earn you decent money if you do it right and yield results. Changamka msee.


May the Good Lord Open your doors…Hold on. …


I wake up at 5…by 7 am in town where am volunteering in research at an organisation in upperhill from Monday to Friday and on weekends I work at a chemist in kasaa from 8am to 10pm


When you send apps you need to have someone on the inside of those targeted organizations advocating for you.

Make sure your CV is current and up-to-date. If you have a friend(s) or rela(s) who work in any HR hiring capacity or recruiters have them review it for you, make the necessary changes so that it stands out. The biggest thing is follow up.

When did you graduate? Have you kept in touch with your former classmates to find out what they are doing post graduation? Are they working? If they are, try and get leads there and even if not, stay in touch with them and talk your situation. Build and maintain relationships, they will open doors. Kwa hii maisha nikujuana.

You will need to talk to any/all of your friends/relas and let them know you are looking and follow up. There is no shame in it. You need to ask and market yourself well. You will get a stepping stone.

Have a LinkedIn page, format it well (there are many examples online for particular industry standards - use that as a template). Don’t restrict yourself. Keep abreast with news and networking societies in the Biochem field. The thing why LinkedIn has become the go-to-place is because it might also open opportunities for you in and outside Kenya to further your studies, if that is something you are interested in. Majuu nowadays that’s where recruits and HR managers source for potential employees or talent.

Don’t give up. Never give up!


Nyinyi ndio tuliambia mfanye B.Ed bio/chem mkaringa, ona sasa!

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