Myth of Male Power

Most of you have no skills , undereducted or at a dead end in your jobs.
Approaching women can be very detrimental in your finances…for those that do not pursue cheap hoes or bottom feeders .

One way I have managed to get High Value women , is to search for my area #tag on instagram and befriend and DM all high value women listed under the tag. In case you are wondering:
High Value women in my criteria is:

  1. An extremely beautiful woman.
  2. A working woman.
    3.A woman who has less than 25 post on instagram.
  3. A woman whose instagram has all decent pictures i.e no butt , boobs or nightclubs on her post.
    I dont text alot: I write ; you are pretty, give me your number urgently , I will call you back immediately

What’s your success rate

I get replies back all the time.

They immediately send their number or… ask me why I would ask a stranger to send their number urgently…both of which i dont really care

check my reply. I do send more than 10 dms in a day. Thats the price you have to pay for short term sexual adventure

Without evidence, this is hogwash

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We are built to walk uphill. You want to have goal you cannot attain so you can always move close to a goal that recedes it. You are here to live not to prove your worth to others. There is no harm in trying my formulae.You will post evidence on my behalf if it works


What happened to the old fashion way of approaching women one on one because that’s where the true male power lies
If you can spot,approach work your charm and get her number then that’s everything

Instagram bitches you’ll have to wait for your invitation to be accepted and unless you are a celebrity or your posts include pics of you in your car or abroad then success rate for your method is low kijana


Bollocks. Why stress yourself and waste your resources while you can procure for 150.
Ongea @cortedivoire akuonyeshe mashimo za kulamba kinyesi na wan chweza.

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Leta evidence sahi sahi



If you work more than 70 hours a week in an office you would understand how impractical this is.If anything you would only find yourself with one day to do this. If anything Social Media helps you screen anyone before meeting them.

I don’t judge anyone who purchases pussy for 150. Just like I dont judge watu wanakula kwa kibanda. budget na kushiba ndio priority kwao. Otherwise I am only interested in the best quality available.

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