myth of Co parenting

Most talkers are always claiming on how their kids comes first, even in case of a separation, but truth be told today’s women are immature, pale kwa ofisi kuna dem who always trash talks his baby daddy na wenzake hapa kwa dept, then naskia akidemand doo kwa phone, especially during school days, anyway I never participate in office gossip I just keep on working as if I heard nothing

kuna madam mwalimu alisema haezi tumia pesa yake kusomeshea mwanaume watoto, sasa hivi ako na machokora wawili kwa nyumba, mzee ashajipanga vipoa na wife mwengine. madam hujitreat poa akienda shule, watoto wake wanakula shida tu hapo kwa nyumba, jobless, form four leavers

madem huona watoto kama pipe ya ku suck finance kutoka kwa mwanaume, mambo ikiharibika they blame the guy

Taking care of your child is imperative, if you are married to the mother.

Co parenting is shiit…will end in tears
Make sure as a man umechukua mtoi in your custody hata kama utamkidnap

One day, we as MEN will come to the realization that we lost the gender wars. We have been told that we need to be traditional men, yet our women are not traditional women. The age of traditional women is long gone, even in Africa; especially after we fully embraced Western ideals.

For my learned friends, co-parenting is just a reincarnation of alloparenting which in layman terms is mtoto ana-lelewa na kijiji and not the biological parents. With empowered women, men are no longer needed as paternal influences on the child. Babymama atasema her brothers/uncles/male friends/father are the paternal influences not the biological father. And if she hates you, she’ll re-marry and effectively replace you…

Women won the gender war a long-time ago, now men have to re-strategize before giving birth to their children. As I always say, tukiwa na akina @Karoga, men are supposed to be in-charge of reproduction that’s the only way we fight back in such a system… Until then, your progeny is dooomed ile proper without your influence as a father-figure.

Fanya kazi, wacha umama kubaff

Other women want you to pay fees and still they don’t want you to see the kid.mtoto anagrow up akiambiwa baba hasaidii, na SAA iyo jamaa anatuma doo.

You mean like Njeri Barasa’s dad who contributed nothing and only now is he coming out of the woodwork after learning she was the top kcse student?

:D:D:D:D:D…Tutasema Mara ngapi, Men should always control reproduction , Anyway Women have children as a negotiating tool to extract your resources mercilessly and ruthlessly.

How sure are we he contributed nothing? Those are the deception women feed the kids and society at large

I think that woman should just tell the fella huyo si mtoto wake.

Very sad.

What makes me feel like dying is those men who work far from home leaving kids with their mother. Unatuma pesa home while the woman is busy poisoning your kids against you. Ati how you are a womaniser and alcoholic in Nairobi.

You finally settle home after retire to find being resented by your own kids. Having worked your ass off to provide for them.

A retired colleague is going through this now

This statement has reminded me of a predicament a friend was having a while back…the kid was through with class 8, and now the father was willing to take her through highschool. Initially when she was in primary school, the mother never wanted the guy anywhere near the kid

So the guy got an admission letter from a prominent school,and he had spoken with in-laws and informed them of what he was about to undertake.he bought uniform, stationary and had even paid fees. Two days to reporting date, the mother took the kid out of town and hide her in ushago just to SETTLE SCORES .to cut the long story short, the kid is studying in an interior school in south nyanza and she’s always on and off schhol because the mother cannot raise fee. You can guess the outcome from her secondary education, literary punishing your kid just to satisfy your ego.until you get to hear both sides of the story, don’t fall prey of the lies and deception peddled by single mothers, and they will poison your kid even more when they realize youv moved on

Tell your colleague to keep the faith and maintain a respectful distance, a cousin of mine did that to her son. But eventually the young man grew a pair and sort out the dad, it’s a 50 50 chance at best.

kuna another friend of mine kdf, his kids are only 10 & 7 but they’re being told the dad was crushed by a lorry, they’re not fully separated but the fellow caters for everything for them but the mom is always bitter for reasons known to them.The guy had even built for them a house ,so he visits once a while due to nature of the job but was very heart broken when he learnt from neighbors that the kids are saying their mom said he died in crash.we only hope that he doesn’t became another mugo.Sometimes these women go overboard in the name of punishing the dad but they end up spoiling minds of little ones. I’d rather you separate peacefully instead of holding a grudge and worse,transfer the same to your kids.

I learned never to believe anything a woman says especially against a man. Ata rape allegations I take them with a grain of salt especially nowadays where regret=rape. Unaweza pewa na dame roho safi then she claims rape later on, like that Kemunto whore did to those rugby players.

I believe raising a kid is a 50/50 affair. I pay half the upkeep money, and I get to spend half the time with my kid. Kama baby mama ni zile nugu za kukufichia mtoto alafu wanaexpect utume pesa then she can fuck right off with the fucking kid. Mtoto tutatafutana na yeye akifika 18 years and if he/she is reasonable, nitmwambia my side of the story. Akiamua kukuwa unreasonable kama mamake, then pia yeye akwende huko. All I know, I can never be those men wenye hung’ang’ana kutuma pesa kwa mtoto hutawai ona alafu bado the idiot baby mama anakuita deadbeat kwa ofisi, social media hadi kwa kanisa. Fuck that noise.

As a 36 year old man with a solid 19years of sexual experience I always tell men to ask themselves very difficult questions before nutting in a woman…there are always signs that a woman will be trouble, but we ignore them. Then later we start regretting. I used both my heads properly and have never had a problem with my baby mama

This is what a majority of men these days are going through. Damned if you provide, doomed if you dont.