mystery of school water laced with pesticides in 3 counties

thousands of students escaped death narrowly after water in thereservoir tanks was poisoned, the counties are, Muranga ,kirinyaga na nyeri, I suspect devil worshippers to be behind it

ama ni fala flani alidhania anafanya water treatment.
just like wasee wanaongezanga methanol kwa changaa wakithania ni ethanol


did someone,a cow,dog,fish die after drinking the water ama someone woke up and randomly decided to test the water for poisons …what,how,when,why …explain

the smell and after kufanyiwa test ikapatikana it was laced with pesticides,

thats more like it.


Huyu anasema nini sasa?

jakipash niaje my friend?

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Poa saidi Saitan.
PMS iliisha?
Jana karibu nitume @kijanamrefu Dago na flowers.

Nothing like pesticides. Leta name of the compound/element found from the tests?



angepata kombo LA uji,he he he

Keep me out of your relationship domestics please.

Ati devil worshipers


Fake news. Its technically very very hard to poison a large source of water (especially flowing water). Such a fete would take the perpetrator a lot of logistics, effort and time. Infact it would almost require the bad guys to build a factory like structure to be able to pollute the water. Am not aware of any case where an enemy (another country at war or a terrorist organisation succeeded in polluting a large source of water. So the story is total crap.