Mysterious light seen circling over Nairobi Night sky 21 Apr 2019

Hizo video no za 2019 na 2016.

Leo jioni nimeitwa na watoi wakiuliza hize ni nini. Zilikua ma lights nikagugu “lights in the sky nairobi”

In a short time there will be more videos of hizi za leo.

Russian drones

Hakuna drones ziko na behaviour kama hio

those are club lights nugu…and I saw them I was in UoN by then lighting around KICC if im not wrong

You are right
I just had a good look from someplace else.
Mbuzi wewe.

KICC or no KICC, I know we have aliens out there. And if they have deciphered our primitive communication, I hope they pay me a visit and teach me their ways. I’d love to teleport and anti-gravitate. And travel at the speed of thought. Or whatever advanced brain use they’ve figured. Or give me a suit and take me to their home. Probably some planet a billion light years away whose access is so easy but we are too dumb to see.

Don’t share whatever you’re smoking:D

There’s a company ya muhindi Westy deals na fire works,light works events , concerts etc wao hutupa hizo lights kwa sky in very huge events hata corporate, juzi niliona wamefanyia Microsoft, could be those.

Alien overlords will come to harvest us and enslave us.

Better than the Chinese overlords.

so mueamuaje elders ni bangladeshi drones ama aliens ?

Mbona io vid ya Kwanza Wana whisper nkaa aliens wanaweza waskiaa …

I want to believe…

Why would you think that our tech is primitive compared to theirs?.
This is the problem with africans. Lack of believe in themselves

Lakini mimi niliona nyota mbili live live nikitembea… Very very far up , way past the satellite.
Nikajua tu we are being watched closely.

Because they can travel across galaxies to reach us. That means they have mastered other forms of energy unknown to us.

Inaitwa Kardashev scale. Any lifeforms that have mastered interstellar travel would be WAY more advanced than us.

Would you watch an ant? Coz we are like ants when compared to aliens. They know everything we know and much more. They’d gain nothing from watching us other than satisfying brief curiosity.