My wife doesn't doesn't want kids

For those who don’t know my wife and I have been together for six years. Things haven’t been perfect, but we love each other unbearably. I can’t imagine my life without her. She is the light of my life. Although it is almost seven years i still feel literal butterflies when I see her naked.
She wanted kids at first, that why we got our first child within two years of our marriage… but she doesn’t want anymore. I would understand If she was working on her career but no, she stopped working three years ago.

But I can’t help but feel distraught. I don’t want to leave her.

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Who wants to raise kids in this contemporary society? mkiwachana uko mbeleni unasonga ukienda bila responsibility. But naona already you have one low IQ child like @Oti The Gargantuan. My advice is ufocus on raising huyo mmoja

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There are two issues here. Do you want many more kids or are you afraid your wife is planning her exit?

Whey are you distraught? Is there anything that indicates a loss of affection or spark in your marriage?

Tafta bibi wa pili,unakua na mtoto mmoja aje kama Chinese?Man up bwana

umafwi thread


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2 retards having kids will result in a zombie being born.