My weekly rendzevous....part2

…all of a sudden we hear a knock at the door, we didn’t lock it.

His shaft was deep, deep, in me. Time slowed down, hearts beat faster and we became frozen and mumm. Couldn’t think, couldn’t move and the sweetness over poured that I didn’t want nothing else, couldn’t think about anything else…Wanted to be selfish but then we hear the door opening. Shit!!Reality was kicking in and our romping session was clearly over and we are going to get caught. :eek::eek::eek:
Jonathan pushed me and I lay on the floor, He quickly put his pants on…but my butt was out there exposed for the world to see :D:D:DGee!!!wtf is wrong with you???I hear a familiar voice but it’s a feminine voice…all my colleagues are male…who could that be??I pondered deeply as my brain couldn’t work properly at the time. I was just behind the accountant’s desk, “warm poodle, see the problems you’ve gotten me into??I will surely punish you!” I say to myself as I hold my head in deep thought.

Suddenly I feel a hand on my head, became frozen again. Somebody started pulling me, I almost fell but they held me. Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh…!!!Kumbe I had fallen asleep!!Shit, time had passed by, loads of work undone and I hadn’t been unhornyed!! NKt, nkt nkt…Now I hate myself. WTF!!!My bff is the one who woke, what’s she doing here?? I ask myself…she’s standing there laughing at me.

Emm: so, you slept away your horniness??:D:D:D"
Gee: so, you came here to laugh at me, is that it??
Emm: stays quiet for sometimes…NO, that’s not it sweetie…on the contrary, I came to make you happy.

Oh no, I know that look she has in her eyes…this sweet devil!!She makes a song play in my head non-stop.:D:D

What in the world is happening to me??or is warm poodle just driving me???No, I need to take control lest my nightmare becomes a reality. I need my meds but who’s gonna give them??Emm??I need some air, I need to get away from that devil, I need to get rid of her somehow…I WILL NOT FALL INTO THIS TEMPTATION…I know what she’s trying and will do. I wake up to get to the window, “mmmmhhh, so you are wearing a mini huh??” she looks at me with lustful eyes, Jesus save me!! she follows me and spanks my ass, “we are not going to do anything right??” I ask as she comes closer and closer. I hold my breathe waiting for her to respond but she keeps following and i end up in a corner…“now, you can’t run away from me Gee…I know you want me too, don’t be shy” she says as she kisses me softly.

By gods!!!Am helpless, she takes me on overdrive…am fighting a losing battle, you have to give in Gee. Emm lock the door, this time I won’t make no mistakes to ruin my happy moments. Soon as she did, I removed my dress and only left with a bra on… “Look who’s looking yummy, why you always this hot??” she says, while reaching out for my boobs one after the other…she pulls on them while she sucks them…oh shit! I pull her long hair to balance my everything :D:D:D Emm is wearing a maxi dress with a lace pants. She suddenly stops and went ahead to close the window curtains.
I sit up on the desk,remove her dress, kiss her on the lips and say…Lay here babe. Soon as she does, I get on it too…kiss her boobs, play with her nipples , move down to pull her clit as I lick her …wasn’t long before our scissoring sessions started. and our voices filled the office space with moans:p:p:p

To be continued…

Baby girl umefanya nipigie Mutheu simu this cold monday afternoon kamwambia nipate ikiwa on head.
weka part 3 haraka


If you wake up in part3 tunakosana.

Everyday you stray further away from the light of God

:D:D nice one there. Acha nitoke ofisi


hio kazi inaweza jifanya eeh :D:D:D:D

Temperatures raised. Siwezi endelea na kazi. Muhindi na kazi zake ajipange

Usimwage unga tafadhali

Umefanya nibao maze. SAA hii nimeshikilia kijiti yangu ndani ya boxer ndio ipoe.

wacha ni wank nikiimagine ukiwa naked na your big derriere, lakini Kwa she tani

Wewe wank tu. Naona 2019 pia ikiisha ukiwa bado team dryspell

niko shopping.Hii hekaya inafaa ustaarabu,sio ile ya kukamua ngombe[ATTACH=full]259024[/ATTACH]

Threshold bado. Try again.

Go to sleep old man

I will. When the threshold is met. :smiley:

amwage tu njoti?

Sitaki mob…nataka tu ninuse camel toe yako priss:D:D

Now for the obligatory pics of your cute cuticles.