My weekly rendezvous..

It’s Friday and we are excited… (warm poodle… That’s the name I gave her :D. And I) she’s already wet, she’s expecting to get some and I have a feeling that it’s gonna be an amazing day. We like office sex and it’s been a culture… Although I broke up with him I know he can’t resist it and so I take advantage. Our office rendezvous has been going on for a while now and the thrill of getting caught takes me to a whole other level of horniness:D:D he calls me crazy but oh well…!
I don’t need much prepping today… Just wore a mini in a very seductive color… I know he’ll go crazy once he sees me like always…
(siwes wapea picha colored, hehe)


It’s been a while since I last got some :(:(and I want to do everything freaky to him… He got no idea. I know it’s wrong but what do I do?? Warm poodle doesn’t want to listen to me… I’ve resisted long enough as it is.
I told my best friend Emm that am going to text Jonathan and she forbid me… Wth, she has a boyfriend and I had to do what makes me happy… Now she’s jealous that I’ll get laid… Smh. Ssssshhh, don’t tell her I texted him anyway :Dshe’ ll kill me!

Jonathan has replied and he said he’ll make sure to leave work early. Meanwhile warm poodle is throbbing upon getting this message. Darn! I can’t control myself… I need to turn down… So I go to the washroom to cool the situation…

I come back to my office seat still dripping… I hit my head, shit! I wish I didn’t have a vagina… Glad warm poodle can’t talk . :smiley:
I try to compose myself as I carry on with the loads of work I got. But time is moving slowly… Especially now that am alone in the office and worse that am feeling sexy and so turned ooooooonnnnn. I just had to touch myself in the meantime, pat warm poodle and tell her to be patient.

I hear a knock at the door. My heart is racing, contemplating whether to open or not wondering who it could be… Had to lock it, didn’t wanna get caught touching myself:D:D (don’t judge, you can’t tell a horny woman what to do) I wipe my juices and go ahead to open… My dick has arrived…
Jonathan is smiling and he knows am horny af… He has that look in his eyes which says I take it out to devour it fully, wholly and completely hehe. But he’s still in the hallway and is waiting for me to do shit and make a fool out of myself… (no boy, I won’t)

I pull him in the office by his belt and lock the door. I went straight to open his belt on bent knees as I lick my lips… He laughs as looks at me and says, Gee, you are one crazy chick… But I don’t wanna talk at this juncture, I just wanna fuvked haaaaarrrrrddddd!!!
“I like the look of my dick in your hand” , he says as his palms are on top of my head.

I give him light strokes while advancing… He let’s out groans, I just had to blow him… He loves that shit. Oh yeah… He’s getting harder… (I focus while giving head :cool:) hata 2 minutes hazijaisha and he cums in my mouth… Smh. “Sorry baby I had no choice, you blew me so well”, he says. Had to swallow and continue…

Now I want it soo bad… Give it to me mother fucker! I command him… Oh, I know am in trouble for saying that… Hehe. He bends me on the table and spanks me…
He spanks me loud, ssssshhhhhh we are in the office dammit!!!I say but he won’t listen to me…I should’ve worn sth indeneath, shit!

He throws me on the floor, pulls up my dress and puts his shaft in warm poodle without mercy… I let out a cry! He romps hard and harder, and decides to remove my dress so that he can hold on to my boobs… Shit! I just couldn’t shut my mouth, I had to let out moans as he spanks me at the same time…

All of a sudden we hear a knock at The door, we didn’t lock it…

Nimechoka kuandika.

Lawd ham mercy…

yeah…there’s a standing ovation happening right now in my pants…

Hmmmmmph, if this isn’t porn I don’t know what is.
@Liberty your services are needed here.A short prayer will do.

Good writing @Phylgee

Aaaaarrrrg, picks up his Ndudhi Oil heading to the mens room, looking dissapointed

@Phylgee [SIZE=1]nioshe macho inbox[/SIZE]

Hi ni Hekaya kweli?


yaanii hujatosheka??smh

zii…i need more teke…colored

@Phylgee why now?ungeweka jioni swiri I wank bila waswas.[ATTACH=full]258479[/ATTACH]


I have seen the two pictures and read replies. I now know better than to read the post now, will read it in the evening.

gai gai gai, hizo mapaja ziko sawa, nimeenda hivi bathroom narudi


There is a porn category called Chartubate…you will be a star if you feature in that category…aki u r soo chubby…

Third person participle…I do not know what that means…

you won’t be harmed.

warm poodle,
Jisas on a bycycle, leta part 2 haraka

You Go Girl!!