My Wedding Present to @Purple

Dear @Purple

When are your nuptials? I understand your favorite color is purple. I have made an assumption that yellow and purple would be your theme color.


Stick to your lane boss, hapa haufaulu.

Omwami kuwa mpole … Hapa sitaki chochote ni zawadi tu nampatia.

Omba Coomer ndani ya sanduku la ndani…

Haha sitaki the lady is engaged

Engaged ladies have no pussies?

Reminds me of the world famous Davi wa Citizen and how he test-drove another man’s fiancée. They have become an Xvideos classic.

Naheshimu nyumba ya watu…Hapo jamaa ashadunga mshale nje ya nyumba. Even according to the Bible being betrothed was as good as marriage. That is why when Joseph was planning to leave Mary Angel Gabriel appeared to him and told him not to.

Don’t quote the Bible on relationship matters my fren. Hapo nikujitupa

Zawadi yangu ni kukutakia fanaka @Purple

hii ni ya kufunika coomer? ama inavaliwa wapi?

Davi was on leave that week and the next when the tape was leaked. It was such a classic leak sent to very specific departments marketing@, finance@, managers@…so it was someone within.

Alirudi ofisi with his head (on his head) held high not giving an ef. The chic was an airtel girl who was doing of this promotion things that safcom does.

Wewe kweli insider. Davi ended the video-clip like a red-blooded alpha-male: look at me!! Did he get fired?

Nope! He was bringing in the numbers in sales. He was in agench sales and that is where the big clients were. They kept him. Also mngt saw it as a personal issue given how the mail was sent.

He stayed on. I didn’t even know who he was until he came back from leave.

You used to work in RMS?

And also the others

Awww thanks y’all. I appreciate the kind wishes. Nimeland Trumpstan after an amazing 2 weeks nyumbani. Feeling very tired lakini harusi tunayo!!! God is great.

:D:D:D Jeezuss!