My tribute to Baba the best president we never had

I started looking up to you as a child. The only man who could face a totalitarian regime. I have always been in your corner due to lack of better caliber of leaders. I pray that you do not abandon us now. This is the time we as a country need you more than ever.

Baba you have so many people who love you. So many people who look up to you. We know that you mean well for this country more than any other leader we have.

We are heartbroken. Last night I listened to a channel dedicated to you, Mutembei TV on YouTube. People from all tribes, local and abroad and religious affiliations were crying. The pain we feel is undescribable.

I am even struggling to write this. Like you we are the remnants and the visionaries who have seen what is coming early. We have started the grieving process for our beloved motherland. By the time our fellow Kenyans realize the reality it will be too late and they will be as angry as they were when they realised that they were sold a lie by the outgoing president.

All we ask of you is that you will walk with us and you will not abandon us. For the days God gives you, we still need you as the worst is yet to come but we who have seen it are hurting now. At some point this reality will catch up with the rest and they will realize what a big mistake they made and how irreversible it is.

You are still our president and our Baba. We still need you. God bless and keep you.

It’s time to retire. Everything has its time and place.


but whoever’s at the helm, kenya is/will still be fucked.

You are delusional, at your age, the most vibrant politicans when you were a child would have been koigi wamwere, keneenth matiba, wamalwa, shikuku and kibaki. Those were the only one that stood out back in the day. Raila was a wheeldealer working in his fathers shadow when he was not in prison for one reason or the other.
In fact, when he ran in 1997, he could barely manage 10%. He was as popular as Ngilu at the time. So you are a provable liar for whatever delusional reaosn you are doin it