My Thoughts of 48 Laws of Power, Now That I have Been Blocked From Commenting Elsewhere

If you understand the essence of 48 laws of power, you will appreciate why the book should be priviledged.

Commonsense if it is about power, then power si ya kila mtu.

Robert Greene intended this book to give people some competitive edge above others, while toying with the monster called power.

So this fool mad something wants to share the whole book like the shit he is.

Then it shocks me that in 2017 guys havent read this book. I mean, guys on here coz i thought I am interacting with my equals.

Kumbe I have been hanging out with chokoras and micoondus.

Bure Kabisa!

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ABANDON THREAD… (beta male whining)


:D:D:D:D @MadPhilosopher unaitwa

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Fools, wise and learned are all overtaken by chances and opportunities. Even fools find their way to the highest offices while the wise live miserably due to lack of opportunities. It is a book meant to entertain those with average IQ.

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I would never read such a book, there are no rules or a manual to life. Ety 48 laws of power, people read that BS and feel enlightened? Bure


Kikikikiki hii msee iko on it’s period. Tunaelewa tu:D:D:D


Readin’ aint for kila mtu …

Mizee mijinga leo umeongea kama walevi mia mbili

Waria mijinga


Alshabab wenzake wanajilipua Mogadishu ndio wapate 72 virgins and the hippo is here whining? Aende ajilipue awache kusumbua.


I agree, reading is for leaders and certainly not for followers like you. There is truth to the maxim “Ignorance is bliss”. Bliss on, sir.

My statement was neutral based on so many facts. U can fire the 1st shot buh hope. U got enough ammunition… I won’t argue wit your leadership bt one thing for sure you lack wisdom… N this aint a discussion.

It’s small pinus syndrome. Tell him to buy a Martha Stewart magazine instead. At least he can learn how to keep a home for his husband.

mcoondu you just got bored i dont reference you? Mcoondu i dont do uncircumcised women and our women be princess not your ngumu ngumu self

Lulz biatch mad!

umepotea wapi?