My thoughts and prayers to Maverick Aooko

Maverick Aoko is trending at number 1 on twitter and Google search. I read her messages and shed a few tears. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a happy ending.

Dear Ms. Aooko,

Welcome to the world of women. The wonderful world where nobody is beyond redemption. NOBODY!!!

So you slept with a politician in a restroom, so what? You slept with another black guy with a muanya so what? In a world of double standards, a married man who swore before God to forsake all others is never held accountable for his philandering. It’s always the woman to blame because we live in a patriarchal society. Women are the universal scapegoats and men get away with murder.

When we who you call femanazis are vocal about the heel of the patriarchy on the neck of women as a collective, you saw us as evil, bitter and rebellious women.

Well, you were a good submissive woman. You bought gin and tonic and invited men to your bed sitter and you were a defender of men’s superiority. How did that work out for you???

Once upon a time when I hadn’t lived long enough to understand that if you see someone on a certain path, they’re doing the best they can with what they have now.

I read that you attempted suicide. I have lost someone through suicide. All those people who call you a hoe for sleeping with politicians don’t give a damn about you but I know that there’s people who love you so much that if you killed yourself they’d be broken for ever. Suicide doesn’t take the pain away, it gives it to the people who love you.

Men pit women against each other, it’s a power move. You took the bait. Now it is the same men who once praised you who are crucifying you. That is the cut throat world of men. You couldn’t run with the wolves.

Look at the messages you have received women you insulted and shamed are embracing you and encouraging you and reminding you that there’s nothing wrong with being a Maverick, we, women will love you anyway. How can we not love you yet we love our children who are in jail or on drugs. We who love the worst of men. How can we have no place for you in our arms and in our hearts.

Baby girl, we have all made mistakes and God gives us a new slate every morning we get up to get it right and learn from our mistakes. To grow BECAUSE of our mistakes and to have empathy for others who make mistakes and make fools of themselves.

I’d like to tell you something I have learnt with age, as a woman you have too much to grapple with to fight anyone least of all, women. I have friends who are single, married, divorced,who are single parents, who are widowed and who are moslems and Hindu and atheists. I wouldn’t even judge you if you were a sex worker or a lesbian. I never pass up a chance for connecting with a woman.

The past it was said, is a bucket of ashes. Regret and guilt are useless emotions. Those two statements have tided me through alot. That and Jesus. He’s the ultimate Captain save a whore. Or save a silly woman whatever label you have. That is the epitome of no judgment. The more baggage you have, the better when it comes to Jesus. You are in good hands sis. Godspeed.


Case closed.


That composition you wrote is too damn long. Fupisha next time.

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I used to respect her and admire her posts on social media but I have been shocked to learn that she has been sleeping around with politicians and now lives in deep regret after feeling used and dumped.

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Woman trying to dodge accountability she is a self declared hoe she was very happy with her whoring lifestyle…now her actions stupid actions are paying her back in instalments it’s not about the patriarchy it’s women stupidity that led her to this and 8n death do u think in the next world she would be bludgeoned among sheeps or major goats


Learn how to sped read. Your mind is aging.

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Mwenda Frey has no idea how things work where men run things. In matriarchal socities sex isn’t currency, it’s only in patriarchal societies aka where men run things where men want to fuck you to give you a job or a chance to prove that you have something to bring to the table. Men want to ferk you so that they can promote you for a job you do well. Men want to ferk you for you to be part of the boys club. The corporate world is a fuck festival. I don’t know what is so special about what Akothee did with Osiany and Mbadi at least she’s a single woman and an equal opportunity corporate seller. Mabibi zenu have degraded themselves so much in the office that they get ferked in the office then they will come show you who isn’t joining the party the bahasa with money paid for quickies.

I asked an older man who had a daughter entering the job market about his thoughts on this and he told me that if sleeping with the gatekeepers get you the job and help you climbing the ladder then it’s fine because no man will even look at you twice let alone consider marrying you if you don’t have a job that pays well. I think he was saying that men as much as they pretend to hold women to higher moral standards, don’t care about who you sleep with as long as in the bigger picture they and their children can benefit from your whoring.

So let’s stop with this holier than thou bullshit. Women sleeping their way to the top especially in third world Africa is a normal rite of passage. It’s only that Aooko came out and said her own experience. I can assure you that if your wife is getting promoted and going on trips, she’s someone’s hoe and those men are so ruthless that they just ferk your wives in the office and even brag about how they did it standing. Sijui kneeling on the carpet. It’s this competition of who can degrade your wives more than the other and they know that a married woman will never insist on condoms. They are on family planning. Some brag and say that they will tell your wives to come pantiles to their office for a lunch break romp. No even decency to go to an Airbnb.

ACHANENI na Aooko. If we were to give you a view of what your wives are upto in the corporate world, you may have to check into a psychitric hospital coz sometimes on trips they even do gang, let’s stop with the hypocrisy. Your wife is sleeping with her wealthy exes, sleeping with drivers, sleeping with colleagues, sleeping with bosses, getting pregnant for gym instructors and you are here castigating Aooko. A pot calling a kettle black.