My Thoughts about WRC Kenya Edition

Back in the old days, drivers used to travel over 1500 km in the harshest terrain.

The Safari Rally Kenya edition was known as the toughest rally in the WRC championship.

This upcoming safari rally in Naivasha will be 320 km with 18 stages is hardly the real safari rally it was back in the days.

320km is more like a sprint than a safari rally.

Saa hizi imekuwa jina tu na hype social media.

The longest stretch between stages will be 32 km??? C’mon.

What happened to rally drivers travelling at least 1,000 km with longer stretches between stages to test endurance?

That’s the standard [ATTACH=full]370938[/ATTACH]

The last time safari rally was in Kenya 19 years ago, the total distance was about 1,000 km.








These ones need fire extinguishers, ile kukulana watu watakulana I tell you…wacha tu

Event looks like a flop TBH

the old Safari Rally was an endurance race…why Peugeots won…suspension travel is/was insane
hii imerudi ni Speeeed and poweeerrr.
Also sad to see Mitsubishi, Subaru and Peugeot not in WRC anymore.


wewe ghaseeer @lovemashbae wacha kuweka downloaded picha za kitambo.

Mkundu wewe!!!

Colorism. Where are our melanin sisters

Na wengine kukuliwa

Mo1 alipenda hizo bararabara ndio maana hakuwai ona haja ya rami

People are busy in their tu tents.
Safari rally is no longer about the sport and that’s why tulihamia rhino charge- It’s amazing to watch the challenges ,we spend more time watching the sport than drinking and fucking…but I know all this will change when y’all start bringing your airhead sray Queens huko. :smiley:

nikama tu ile hype ya rugby,90% of the attendees knew nothing about rugby but hao ndo walikua on the frontline kufika masaku na prinsloo