My Testimony :Justina Syokau

Guys how do you leave your legally wedded wife for a single mother of 2 kids, is it witchcraft or what? I’ve seen this happen quite a bit especially among! ‘saved’ couples who married in church.

Very small mistakes can end a marriage.

Kuna mafuta anointed huanga wanapewa na certain “pastors” ya kuiba/kudivorce bwana za watu. Very popular with Kamba ladies.

Ultra saved women are a nuisance

In that case, why marry, if it’s as delicate as an egg and can break at anytime?

I hope you know that lady personally

As compared to what? Sabina Joy Malaya? Anyway
The guy was also saved.

Why? I don’t know her

Here is another one. Wanaume wako na kasoro. Why marry a virgin then dump her after impregnation.

That’s your go to comparison? Regardless, I find geeks especially delicious

Instead of looking for anointing oil ya pesa unatafuta ya bwana za watu. Some people are confused.

We have appetites, that need to be satisfied, if you are tired after two shots or after cumming you don’t want penetration, utajipanga madam, or rather ntajipanga elsewhere.

Mambo ya ndoa kando kabisa na wokovu. Ndoa huingiana na mambo ya mapenzi. Putting a bible in front of a pussy makes it…errr, it makes it, kind of…not the same:D

Marriage is not easy. That said, I’m not surprised he did that because many single mothers and single women in Kenya like ‘nyemelearing’ married men, especially if he has money.

Men are not children to be kidnapped or nyemelead as you are putting it. If you are married to a man who does not love you, it’s just a matter of time before he leaves in the name of being nyemelewad. If men are anything, they are decisive, they know what they want and what they don’t want. I see alot of women desperate to get married go with men who do not love them and never pursued them. To women marriage is an accomplishment. A woman can marry a man she doesn’t love and stick to him but for men it’s about love. If a man doesn’t love you, it doesn’t matter how much you sacrifice, how good you are. Even if you have 10 sons like Peninah or your cowife has no kids like Rachel, he will never love you. My Dad met my mom in Form 1 and decided he would marry her. They parted ways as he went to campus outside the country and she in UON. After all those years he married her even after meeting foreign ladies and many other women. Remember that he was a hot cake and he said no to all those ladies bcz he knew what he wanted. When I observe my married friends having problems in marriage, and who are eventually left by husband they all have one thing in common, the man did not initiate the relationship and he did not pursue them. They were desperate for a man and played the part of the man. And the man went along until he met the woman he desired and pursued. Men are not like women. They have no attachment to marriage and children. This is why they will abandon their marriage and biological children to a woman they do not love and go live with a woman they’re not married to and raise her children. The attachment is through the woman, how they feel about the woman. Not the other way around. Marriage and children and even time does not affect a man’s feelings. Men know what they want. Just look at Wendy Williams, Jill Scott, Mary J. Blige and many others.

The interesting thing is that women who were married by men who loved them and pursued them are very secure. The ones who are always bitching about how singles are nyemelearing ‘their’ men are the ones who the man never pursued them, never worked hard to get them and never initiated the relationship and would probably never have been with them if the woman put no effort into making the marriage or relationship happen. Those are the ones who never lack something shitty to say about singles bcz they are insecure.

Being married means nothing. If you were a thief when you were single, you will continue being one. As I keep saying marriage is not the blood of Jesus that was cleanses white as snow. Some of the worst people are married and some of the best people are single. Many married women have aborted enough times yet they have the gall to look down on single mums for keeping their babies. Married men are the ones who approach single women. Not the other way around. Single women are very principled. The fact that they are single shows that they are not the type to settle for less out of desperation unlike some of their married counterparts. Ask any man in the corporate world who are the easiest loosest women who sleep around in the office. I can assure you that you will not find one man saying it is the single women. Single women are known for their principles and high standards. Unlike alot of the married and frustrated women. Who will sleep with anyone including drivers and messengers when their husbands are mistreating them bcz their whole self esteem is tied to their husband. Why is it easier to take advantage of a widow than a single woman? Because married women lose their identity to their husband after he leaves or dues they have no sense of self and men know that they are easy to take advantage of.

If ‘your’ husband leaves you understand this. He never loved you and he never worked for you to begin with. Hakuna mtu alimnyemelea. Hakutaki. The problem is you. Not the other woman. Men can do anything for a woman they love and want including leaving a marriage and kids. I was once talking to a pastor about a certain man in my church whose wife had been stolen. The man prayed until the other man died. I felt that what he did was wrong and ungodly but he was praised. So the pastor told me a man or a woman is not a possession or property. Rather they’re like money. Whoever has them at hand is the owner at that time and no money has anyones name written on it. And sure enough even after the man who stole the lady died, the woman never went back to the husband who prayed for the man to die.

Alot of marriage are forms of idolatry and that is why people can kill and pray witchcraft prayers to keep or take back the man or woman. A person is not your property bcz you managed to marry them they can walk out at anytime and life must go on. Unfortunately if you are over identifying with your marital status and have lost your sense of self in the marriage, you may end up in Mathare like many women. After they were left. Marriage is not the end all and be all of life Jesus is. I see women stay in abusive toxic relationships where they are being used and abused just so that they can say that they are married. What a tragic existence. Better to be single and have peace and dignity focused wholeheartedly on God as Paul put it than be in some marriages I see out here which are a lie. A man who loves you will not leave you for anything. If he leaves its bcz he doesn’t want you, no longer needs you and never loved you or worked hard to get you in the first place. Learn from the story of Jacob how far men can go to be with the woman they love then accept the fact that marriage doesn’t automatically translate to love. And stop blaming others especially singles for the fact that you married a man or woman who never loved you, just to be married. Blame yourself for taking a gamble that fell through. Jacob worked 14 years for the woman he loved. Your so called husband has never even bought you a biro yet you are a mule for him. Who can you blame when he leaves you? You! For thinking you can work for or earn a man’s love. It’s either there or it’s not. In the end, after being unloved after bearing Jacob several sons while her sister was the apple of Jacob’s eye despite being barren, Leah understood, that a man loves you or he doesn’t and she named her last born. I will praise the Lord. Men value what they love, desire and work for. Learn from Leah and Rachel.

Women stop making an idol of men and marriage. You are setting yourself up for heartache, ulcers, HBP and disappointment.

:eek: Na wa o! Summary please! :smiley: