My terrible week

This week I have been very down because of a friend of mine whose husband convinced her to engage in crime with him in the past year and they now got busted. Hawa watu wako na 3 small kids. Sasa wote wakienda jela nani Ata aki na watoto Jameni? I know having kids gives you pressure or incentive to be more tempted to get into rich quick schemes even illegal ones. Still I’m very shocked coz we fellowship together and I know that the lady is very honest she was probably pushed into these things by the husband.

Sometimes mid last year I noticed she changed and became evasive and also made excuses not to come for fellowship. Kumbe that’s when she was in the middle of it.

The annoying part is that she d want to come clean even to we her friends though cops have all the evidence with them.

I am very disturbed. I am praying for God to intervene but I am just shocked how someone I know can get involved in such things.

The whole week my moods have been low bcz of this issue. I can’t imagine jail time and those poor kids going through life with incarcerated parents.

I am humbly requesting prayers on my friends behalf. Staki kwenda into details coz it’s too depressing but they committed serious crimes together to make money.

And I want to request especially ladies to not fall so much in love that you let a man carry your brain for you. Especially when you have kids depending on you. Put your kids first. Forget about submitting to a man who is leading you down a wrong path in life. Even if he’s your husband or father of your kids. In the past years they have been having issues of the man asking her to take loans for him only to lose the money. We warned her that this guy would take her down with him if she would not have boundaries and stop allowing him to mislead and misuse her.

Anyway guys please help me with prayers rafiki yangu asiende jela. For the sake of her kids. Thx.

Is it white collar crime ama wizi wa mabavu? if its the former not the latter they will pull through,provided they didn’t hurt anyone(physically) the society, and the courts are more forgiving. And also you are already condemning the husband unheard, maybe its the wife who prompted and made the dude go that way, just maybe, all in all human beings are inherently evil

The man is the devil… The female was typical.

Lawyer Ombetta can make things happen. Can they afford him?

if no one was killed or no force used it ain’t serious makena. I can slide my heavenly mandingo in you for consolations.

As always, the innocent, brainless woman was just following along. She’s a victim of coercion today, but if they had succeeded she’d have taken all credit.

May justice take its course and if your friend and her husband are found guilty ,may they rot in prison .There is nothing like a victimless crime


Can I get the wife’s number ?
I want to console her through this difficult times.

kwani that woman is a child , and the man is evil … feminists yenyewe ni wapumbavu

Do people reply to Truman kabondi threads and are all feminist

Its white collar crime. She used her office to defraud alot of money from a tycoon. The husband impersonated some big people to get money out of the tycoon. They did alot of fraud and forgery. The tycoon is well connected.

Well she has never been involved in fraud before and she had plenty of opportunities. Her husband has been wasting big money she borrowed for him so I know he’s the genesis of all this bcz huyo mama hawezi hata chukua shillingi ya mtu. Ni muhuspanty ndio jambazi and he loves easy money from her and his sisters and mother. You know the type. Please guys kueni responsible even Gaza members don’t involve wives in krimino activities.

I will advise her to seek him out

Huyu mwanaume ndio ameleta hii shida yote. I know it beyond a shadow of doubt. Huyu mama akili ya kupanga such a complicated crime Hana. I’ve known her for very long. The way that thing is complicated and mind boggling I am 100% sure it’s that guy. It’s something you must sit down and really think about for a long time. Hata sijawahi skia such a strategy anywhere.

You know how you men cheat women mpaka akili inapotea. Either threats or kubembeleza. If a woman is not a hardened feminazi who can see this traps from far, men especially husbands or men they have kids with can manipulate a woman to do anything. Even very sharp women. How many times have I seen it happen? A woman becomes like a person who is on drugs. Kwani how do pimps operate? Just lying to women with alot of gifts and malovey dovey, insane sex till they fall in love. After that the woman becomes his slave. Nyinyi ni watu Wabaya sana. Currently huyo mama is in alot of debt bcz of the guy who was bringing nothing to the table. Now he’s even messed her job which was sustaining them and risking their lives bcz they can even be killed for what they did.

Carry on fellas, just another attack thread. Keep your cool. :smiley:

Attack thread mama wa watoto wako jela inamkondelea macho? Aki nimeboeka na hii story. Si him he’d have steered clear. Bibi akienda jela yeye awachiwe watoto. Wanaume wengine afadhali hata ufuge chatu. Total downfall.

How are you sure it is not her who convinced the husband to engage in crime.You have already vilified the man

waiguru is a woman…NYS1