My terrible week update

Last week I requested prayers for a dear friend of mine who had gotten into a mess because of her criminal element dead beat husband. This lady is an exceptional friend and just a wonderful human being all round. It’s just unfortunate that she married a useless rogue of a person an irresponsible broke ass who lives off women . So anyway our entire friend circle combined forces to help her through the big people we know and praise be to God our efforts are paying off. God is faithful. Kwa wale muliomba ahsanteni sana God bless you. It’s been a Harrowing time for me, imagining her kids growing up with incarcerated parents. Thx all na mubarikiwe. I am so happy with the direction things have taken. I was really affected. God is so good.

Your friend is a terrible judge of character. She will probably end up with another one like that. People don’t really change. I hate to burst your bubble but expect to save her from another mess soon.

So you circumvented the law and prayed to god at the same time ? Ama ni hedging your bets ?

And the friend will make the same mistake and she will expect “The Justice League” to come through for her once again. I am glad you have overcome your current hurdles but am afraid like @Azor Ahai has said your friend is bad judge of character and will still end up with another version of the said goon

Right up there Makena…you let off your guard and now we know you are as corrupt as the rest of us…BIG PEOPLE I SAY!!!, bigger than gods you serve? C’mon Malaika 7 stop behind god be free for once.
Anyway on behalf of the villager who ‘prayed’ for your friend please send a token of appreciation to this account

Haka kanyanye huwa kame changanyikwa mbaya…mara big people…kidogo God…ooh prayers…



Na uko na kakitu o_Oo_O

christians break the law and thank god…alafu they judge us pagans & atheists na hao ni more corrupt than us … you see @TrumanCapote and her girlfriends called big people they rub shoulders with ( and god knows what they rub to accord such favours) and their friend went scot free after abetting a crime . These christians use corruption to circumvent the law .

I mean , if @truman kapotty’s husband ran over your daughter on her way to school with his car and truman kapotty is the co driver , just imagine what she will do to save her killer husband alafu she will praise god juu hubby hayuko kamiti for hit and run charges . corrupt pretenders , you make me sick

Tutakuombea but engaging in crime is a choice. There are many women married to criminals who wouldn’t steal a bottle of water in the desert if their life depended on it.

The poor woman just wants you to know she knows "big"people, whoever those are.

Makena you just need good dick.All will be well!!

Is there anybody in Kenya who does not know a mkubwa somewhere who can be of help in dire situations? If you do not basi pole. You are the first person I know who doesn’t. Maybe if you stop associating with lowlifes the likes of some ktalk boys you would know people who can be of some help to you. This is Kenya you must know people.

I am not the only one who helped her. We put our heads together and decided in what way we can each assist, we also prayed that whoever we approach for assistance would be positive and helpful bcz even if you know people who can help, it’s not guaranteed that they will.

BTW I have noticed that you are following me from post to post trolling my posts. Lemme block you, it appears that you are so bitter with me. Bye. Bye.

Stop projecting. You are the one who needs a good deck in your anus you faggot. Decks are everywhere ask your neighbors I am sure one will oblige your thirsty ass.

God uses people to answer prayers. Big people. Small people like David to kill Goliath, like Moses to save the Israelites, like Joseph to save his brothers from famine. So you are the one who is ignorant. Even Jesus came in a human form. K?

How am I corrupt? I can’t let my friend go to jail and leave her kids suffering if I can help it. If Jesus healed people on the Sabbath mimi ni nani? Nisisaidie swahiba. You guys don’t know how happy I am. Last week I was so down, I was so affected. All in all the money will be returned so it’s a win win. We also got a relative of the conned guy to speak to him, plead with him to drop charges. Happy ending for everyone.

The law allows settling out of courts, it’s called arbitration. So hakuna dhambi tumefanya at all.

She had never had a bad past and she is actually a good person otherwise so many people wouldn’t have come to her aid. Everybody makes mistakes. I am sure she’s internalized the pain of the prospect of losing her kids and her freedom. Hatarudia Tena. We’ve also agreed that she needs an accountability partner and that we will hold her to her promise to us not to do this again ever failure to which she will become a pariah.

There’s nobody who doesn’t make mistakes. I am sure she has learnt her lesson.

So this is what Jowies,mugure and other inmates family and friends go through? Very stressful. Kwanzaa the first days I could not even sleep. I was in utter shock and disbelief how some one I fellowship with can do such a thing, then I got so angry, then sad and shaken. All in all the wisdom on how to resolve the matter came from above. Because I was feeling so hopeless bcz the complaint has serious connections. But we put our connections together and we even found a relative of his who would plead with him on our behalf bcz he had declined to be reimbursed the money. Yaani kweli I could not imagine how her kids would survive with incarcerated parents. It was a narrow escape.