my telegram channel...join for latest net tricks . Join if interested…no insults please

Join if ur a contributor…
Spectators will be removed

sasa ukianza na vitisho hivi nani atajoin


4 members already…thanks guys…

what will on gain from joining. Mtanichippia PS yangu?

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umeweka grp kwa private channel how do u expect us to comment

Sorry about that…fixing

is it just me ama thread zote za huyu mujama zinaka mtu ako na too much teen angst
definition kutoka dictionary
teen angst
When teens for one reason or another think they have it hard. They often bitch and whine about stupid piddley ass shit and say they will kill themselves over the same piddley ass bullshit.
“I had to take out the garbage tonight…I’m going to kill myself.”

“Mommy made me wash the dishes so I’m going to kill myself.”

“I had to do homework tonight…I have it so hard.”[ATTACH=full]27955[/ATTACH]

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123 toka mbio


No one if forcing u to join so keep ur comments to urself

If dont have anything to day just shut you toothless beak

[INDENT]Waiting on those net tricks.[/INDENT]

Fanya hivi, wewe na hiyo Telegram yako na hao watu wanne wamejoin, keti ----------_------------------ pale, na ninyamaze.

Hii ni upuss! @uwesmake hebu weka mimi hapo telegram. Handle ni @sgt_elias