My Taxi, Mzungu and a Girl ....

So yesterday I left job at 8 p.m. and at around 9 p.m., I arrived at my Estate Shopping centre, where I have a car that operates as a taxi. I always stop there to collect the day’s earnings. I find the driver isn’t in the car. The niccur had even left the key at the ignition. As I enquired where the niccur is, I was told that they had mutura at @Wakanyama earlier in the day and he has been having a running stomach whole of yesterday. I decided to wait for him in the car. Shortly, I heard a knock at the window, an odiero (mzungu guy) was with a girl and they wanted the services of a cab to the Airport. They thought I was the driver and the odiero was very happy to see me and insisted that I drive them to the airport. Jokingly, I quoted my high price just to rid them but he guy agreed. The money enticed me and I agreed. I asked them to give me a minute as I go to pick my DL from my ka-toyota I had packed nearby. Coming back to the taxi, I found the driver back and I was happy he will go ahead with his business as I rush home for a rest after a hard day’s work. The odiero gave a condition that if the driver drives them, then he will pay the normal price and the reason why he never bargained on my price is coz he really wanted me to drive them. The okuyu in me could not resist that money, it was good. All this time, the girl is quiet. Off we went. Just before we joined the Eastern bypass from the Superhighway, I heard exchange of kisses by the two. I didn’t bother and proceeded with my journey. Before we reached the Kamaki’s I heard moans, and was like wtf?? I concentrated with my journey and luckily there was less traffic save for the heavy trucks that ply that route, I think to avoid the evening traffic in town. As I approached the Ruai junction, the moans were excess. I turned back and the stupid couple was making it in my car. I stopped. The moans were disrupting me, I swear. I turned on the inner lights and the girl was giving the niccur a head. WTF??? In my beloved car which my Parish Priest blessed with some holy water and oil. The guy was funny and asked me to join them for a threesome. Jesus! The thought of that made me drove at 140kph. At GSU training school, the guy I guess was now getting down on the girl. The screams, my God, I swear I would have settled for the girl’s tribe to be that of @Mkufuu had she not spoken (just before we reached airport) in my mother tongue to her I think parent, that she is in the hostel and studying hard for the remaining papers (Lord help parents!). I drove on taking enough caution not confuse the gas pedal with the brakes, it was very disrupting, otherwise we would have ended up under the trucks. I soldered on and upon arrival, where all passengers alight for a vehicle to go through the screening thing. I waited for them to alight but the niccurs were busy zipping and belting their trousers and top. The cop asked them to alight and noticed what they are doing and he was like “Madam, umeuzia mshichana wako mzungu hata hauoni vile wanafanya hapa nyuma” I told the cop ‘Nimemuuzia wacha wafanye vile wanataka” and the cop was like “wacha dollar basi” I told him I will be back. It hurt me to imagine my teenage daughter in such behavior coz the girl looked very young. I dropped them and turned back richer. It kept me thinking, how we send our children to campus and end up with this kind of behavior where she does not give a f**k about my presence but decides to play along with mzungu’s demands, I said a prayer for our youth. I arrived at my house past midnight since I used the town route for fear of frequent hijackings happening along the bypass. I couldn’t even log on to the Usiku Sacco thread where @Fala 12 had delegated the Chairmanship to me after it has become his daily habit of gulping the 2nd generation mercilessly.

Now my driver has just called me eti the girl is causing ruckus that I left her at the airport and I was to drive with her back. How would I have known, no-one told me. She is saying that she knows the guy paid handsomely and she want half of the money as the guy had to hire another taxi to take her back home. I have just spoken to her and flatly told her not a coin from me and she was very rude to me. God save these children!

Moral of the story ------- Let us talk to our children parents. A lot is going on with them which needs divine intervention.

Hakuna Mbisha!


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Moans not mourns

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I once tried to advise a certain parent, but the tongue lashing I got:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: SIWEZI RUDIA.
Blame it on the social media, have you seen the rate of nudies.

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:D:D:DSome Kenyan girls would do anything for a mzungu and some parents will not allow their daughter to get married to a Luo coz apparently they are not circumcised but the same parents will happily allow an uncircumcised mzungu to marry their daughter…


Thanks. Fixed.

:D:D Good read but unajua picha ingekuwa muhimu sana kuongezea hii story the right uzito. Nah mean.:slight_smile:

sponsor lazima apate his money’s worth lakini nyumbani ni Toto wa daddy very meek and shy ukijaribu kuambia mzazi utaambiwa vile una kimbelembele

by the way weka dash cam kwa hiyo taxi :smiley:


ambia kasichana kaache umama.
she had all the time to kamua the mzungu but she only settled for the Dk

i agree. Its time we as parents man up! Though kuna wengine ni kama kupigia mbuzi guitar. Time will catch up with them.

Nice Hekaya but to confirm priss weka mbisha ya hiyo taxi.

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I can bet my larger nut that this hekaya will find itself in the daily post as well


Kwa Ki- Greek tunasemanga…Y.O.L.O…God Bless me to Live 100 yrs niweze kujionea how they’ll look like when they hit >35yrs…

My point exactly. Why in my car while they had all the time to do what they wished for??? The guy was British and I guessed ni wale Majohnnies wa Kahawa Barracks.

hahaha. hii ni kali @Guru . :D:D
wacha mzazi ajisort. they will regret one day.
i remember kulikua na a story kwa one of the kiswahili kifukuzwe books where a young man was convicted and in the courtroom he bit his mum’s ear because hakumshauri vilivyo. hio haikua hekaya it is happening and will continue to happen.

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Niko tu na mbisha ikiwa new.

hata hiyo ni sawa…([SIZE=1]na uweke yako pia)[/SIZE]

Lakini, @Guru , kusema ukweli, hukupandishwa nyege kidogo juu ya moans? Mpaka pedals zinakuconfuse?


Dont even imagine.

Dereva aliacha kuendesha Subaru?

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