My take on Xi Jing Ping, Unlimited president

So, China having abolished term limits, Xi Could hold office for as long as he wants. Think about it. China under xi jing ping has been growing exponentially. China has gained more economic, political and military clout under Ninja Xi. More than any other recent Chinese president. The Trajectory is still upwards. I feel like there comes times when presidents should have their terms extended or cut based on performance.
If for instance a president under-performed in their first term, why give them a second. It should even be possible to disqualify them from running based on performance. If they were top game in their economic growth game, foreign relations and more, why tether them to a limit when you can enjoy some more. The biggest worry usually is, in whose interest does the president work ? And whether the tools and controls in place are strong enough to deter abuse of this kind of policy. Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore was authoritarian. Authoritarian in a way that made Singapore what it is today. I wouldn’t mind an authoritarian leader to whom every citizen is equal. [FONT=courier new]Kama ni ngoto, kila mtu akule ngoto, kama ni bonathi, kila mtu apewe bonathi ya ngamia one pale tondonyang[/FONT].

Kagame for instance is doing some good work pale kigali. My only worry is whether all Rwandese are equal in his eyes irrespective of physical height (you know what am saying).

I wouldn’t mind a president who guarantees growth in the economy, infrastracture, National unity…everything on the gross. Basically, I wouldn’t mind 30 years under xi compared to a month under Trump. With all due respect to Mzee and the work he has done for this Nation, Imagine if we had xi from 1978 to 2002. Yes, Ngoto ingetembea kiasi yake, but Bonathi pia haingekua chache.

*The brand of Administration and democracy being practiced in Africa was never meant for this continent. We just took over the paramount Chief crap that the colonialists replaced out Tribal chiefs with. Then we built Sub-locations–Locations–Divisions–Districts–Provinces…And when they didn’t work, we switched to another foreign method…Counties. I wish we looked deeper than focusing on creating 47 regional bosses and one more supreme National Boss.

Our administrative and governance models should be dynamic and able to morph into better states. Everything can be bettered. We shouldn’t have constant yard sticks. We should grow towards a state where we act more like humans than like robots limited by standards set by people who do not understand us. Am glad China is exploring these possibilities.

China is okay by the way and its only Americans and other westerners complaining about Xi’s escapades. Maybe because Xi guarantees that China will overtake the West in every aspect possible under the sun, after which the white supremacy argument will lack legitimacy and other POC will get inspired.

*Be very wary of Western Democracy. Its part of a tool in the wider and well connected scheme >>


The biggest worry usually is, in whose interest does the president work ? And whether the tools and controls in place are strong enough to deter abuse of this kind of policy…
Therein lies your answer… not easy when we are, for example, dismantling the judiciary
On Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore , remember he was a pragmatic tyrant, he was benevalent per excellence, his achievements easily dwarf his shortcomings…he actually ruled by the mantra; keep the people well fed and they wont complain…or something close to that…I believe if any leader can strike that balance then he can easily convince/manipulate his people to adjust the constitution to his tastes
On china I have a lot to talk about…unfortunately am watching arsenal

We are not free to write our own constitutions.