My take on this whole thing.

From the very first day mimi nilionelea this Jowie is a smart and very dark fellow. The CIA works by throwing
off different parties and using obscure evidence. For instance they’ll make two leaders fight over nothing. That is the ultimate modus operandi. Kuwachapanisha. Suspicion.

And Jowie knows these tricks because he was a mercenary.

He figured how to snare all these other characters and shed blame from himself. Don’t take Jowie for granted.

Now people suddenly suspect it’s Jacque… or even Kassaine was also part of this conspiracy. Hii kitu Jowie alikaa chini akachora. This fellow is well trained. Watch this guy.

Jacque fell for a trap. Jowie probably used her from the very first day of their relationship. This is a pro.

He probably used Jacque’s knife, planned to burn the clothes in her compound, shot himself in her house using Kassaine’s gun… all these to throw off the cops. They’ll probably find Maribe’s DNA in Monica’s apartment since she has agreed to a DNA test:



Jowie knew to get money he must hang around these young Jubilee lot and their clubs. His radar was immediately drawn to Monica and he went to work.

And this girl had access to a shitload of money. There was a lot of money in that house or Monica had stashed it elsewhere and for a long time Jowie knew about it. And probably, Jowie is not working alone.

This is not an operation he drew up in one day and that’s why he told the police hakuna mahali mtanipeleka. He is steps ahead.

He stole the money and hid it elsewhere. Any money they found at Maribe’s house was to frame her and to later pay off the cops! That’s why they are saying there was no money.

Remember Alai said Maribe was out drinking when Jowie showed up at the club after doing the deed. Jowie probably used an Allion that resembled Jacque’s car. He had earlier planted bits and pieces of Monica’s DNA in Jacque’s car. Something for the cops to find much later.

He shot himself in Jacque’s presence to tie her in and pretended that it was a lover’s tiff; an attempted suicide. To confuse the cops further he uses Kassaine’s gun.

And then he told Jackie, " babe just tell the cops that thugs attacked me."

All this time Jacque doesn’t know that a woman is dead somewhere and that Jowie did it. So she goes along with the 3 thugs story.

And later on she reads the news very unconcerned. Juu hajui.

And in court Jowie will say, " I knew Monica but I didn’t kill her! My fingerprints are there because we were lovers. But Jacque got jealous and she did the deed; I don’t know I wasn’t there!"

Meanwhile the cops have a weak case against Jacque because she was at the club on the night in question.

No one goes to jail… or if they do, not for lengthy terms. He keeps the money and pays off anyone who comes after him.

Bullshit. The guy was just broke and wanted to maintain a lifestyle. Every other suspect including Maribe and Kasaine are just victims of their circumstances and association with the peabrained murderer.

So Jowie’s fingerprints were on the tape used to cover Monica’s mouth because they were lovers?

Think about it. The best way to hide is in plain sight.You plant obvious evidence that doesn’t add up and makes you look like an idiot…

But can they prove 101% that you killed her? And what’s the motive?

They can’t. But unajua kule umeficha pesa.

And DNA isn’t proof enough because he already knew Monica and visted her place. And why would you kill someone you loved for no reason? What was the reason?

Na general ashasema, “Mimi sipatianagi pesa, na sijui hawa watu!”

Having a fingerprint on a piece of tape isn’t proof. He can very easily say, “Yes I MAY have earlier touched the tape, that the killer later used. But I’m not the killer. I visited the place, I touched things, I touched cups, I touched cupboards and I may have touched adhesive tapes. We even fucked. I met two people who saw me. But I didn’t do it.”

Niko nyuma ya mzito

I will wait for the charge sheet and after that follow the evidence as it is being adduced in court.
These theories folks are pulling out of their rear orifices day in day out are too many and convoluted and frankly some make little sense.

Yeah right…you whole explanation doesnt make sense…

so jowie because he is smart decided to leave his semen on the body… the guy is ver dumb!


Heeee! Lakini watu wako na conspiracy theories mob sana in this Jowie saga. Guys have fertile imaginations sana

“Your honor, why would I kill someone I just fucked? For what motive? I loved her. She had no money to speak of !!”

BUT… in an ordinary house, an ordinary citizen can easily keep 50 million bob or half a million dollars that belongs to a warlord… I’m just saying. She could even stash it in another house… somewhere… after you make her sing.

Who knows, one could even keep two bags!

That’s 50 million right there.


wwe ata mdosi akienda uchi utasema its a genius business strategy.

Maliza kuona vioja mahakamani pole pole…

Since they were lovers why not just marry her or stay as lovers and let her use the cash on u just like maribe?why kill whilst u can just fuck her ,lace her drink or just make her dead drunk and leave with the cash?He is an idiot and a broke one at that.


Records show that South Sudanese generals and their babies deal in crisp hundred dollar bills.



Gachungwa akiambiwa jishikie hizo packet mbili but spend wisely my dear.

Over time those packets can build up fast.

Na Jowie hapa anaona tu. Mnaenda club na dame and she had endless oceans of cash!

And things are tight for Jowie. Kazi ya bodyguard haileti shangwe. Trump naye amekata budget kurudi Afghanistan ni out of the question.

In crisp notes this is just 50 million bob.


This case has me scratching my head sana. I dont think “WTF” has popped up in my head so many times. The only thing I can conclude is that this guy jowie is some sort of psychopath who managed to convince himself he could do it and get away with it the way psychos can convince themselves of so many things. I dont think jowie is too rational

As usual you are over thinking things. Which money will he pay off anyone coming after him with? 6 M Kenya Rupee? Dont make me laugh!

She’ll say she was robbed and you dont want that. Hii pesa iko chini ya maji. Sio wengi wanajua. She earned the general’s trust.

And the girl has projects in mind sio kuharibu na toy boy.

You get rid off her, the general can’t claim it. He has many more Chinese packets coming in daily. Mafuta haiendi mahali.

@patco this guy is not that intelligent. He didn’t last in the Arab world and that should tell you something about him.
Even when he came back to Kenya and was providing security service to a politician during campaign, he couldn’t talk himself into a permanent job after the campaigns were over.