My take on Prostitution

When love is bought/Love is naught/when love is sold/Love is cold/when love is given/Love is heaven.

Sex has three distinct aspects

a) Physical

b) Emotional

c) Spiritual

The physical aspect of sex is the least complicated, your right hand can comfortably satisfy this physical aspect of sex, it has the least intense orgasm and the satisfaction is not sustainable.

The Emotional aspect of sex is a little bit complicated, it can only be achieved with a member of the opposite sex, some “sort” of feelings must be involved, it is more mental than physical, the emotional satisfaction is achieved by feeling and appreciating your partners physical pleasure, emotional sex has a strong orgasm and the satisfaction is relatively long.

The spiritual aspect is the most complex of the three and can only be achieved where there is a meeting of the minds by both parties; spiritual sex bonds your bodies into one.
Spiritual sex gives the most intense orgasm and longest sustaining satisfaction.

The three ingredients are necessary to experience intense pleasure and sustained satisfaction during sex, luck of any of them will result to meaningless, cold, unsatisfying sex

A prostitute can only offer you the physical aspect of sex, in essence it mean that when you fuck a prostitute all you’re doing is using her body to masturbate, that explains why the likes of @Kidinyi or is it @kadinya can sleep with up to 4 prostitutes in a night, sustained satisfaction is lacking

Experiencing all three aspects of sex with your partner is heavenly and borders to ungodly, once you do, prostitutes will be a thing of the past


Live and let others live

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Im guessing this was copied from :confused:


The rule of supply and demand is key here, Prostitutes will always be around as long as men are willing to pay, if all men decided not to pay, sex trade will die and nunu will be offered to all free of charge



i do not copy “shit”, this is my original piece,
WEKA LINK , otherwise shut the fuck up

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These speeches are the full nonsense. All guys here are not going to sit their sons/daughters and tell them this garbage. We will tell them this:
Fuck around everywhere and you will either get pregnant/get someone pregnant or you will catch something that wont be pleasant. Or both…

Your original piece is garbage


its too much for your little mind to comprehend

The physical aspect is most important to me
sometimes chasing pusssy is more pleasurable than hitting it

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Bullshit, to each his own.

Kila mtu na starehe zake.

Take for example wale jamaa wanafanya quarry huko mandera na mabibi wako nyeri.
Sex is basic human need kwa mtu ameoa so ni either wakue ma faggots ama waende wakapange laini kwa malaya. Dry spell ningori.

andika kitabu sasa

there’s a certain desire in men which only prostitutes can satisfy… I don’t deny the importance of a wife/girlfriend; we all have emotional needs we need met… it’s also nice to have someone to make u some hot porridge when u have a flu…

Lakini sasa kuna huu msemo; ‘mpita njia hana kasoro’… yaani people whom u don’t know much about seem to be perfect… everytime u take the time to know people the perfection goes away as u find out they’re humans just like u and may even have more problems than u… Imagine walking in tao, then this hot mama walks past u with the most perfect ass you’ve ever seen… at such moments most dudes feel like grabging that chick by the waist and doing a doggie in the middle of that footpath… that’s all a guy wants; he doesn’t even want to see her face let alone hear about her problems and needs… Now the only way to fulfil this type of desire is thru prostitutes… u can get into a club see a hot chick dressed to kill, be aroused immediately get a room and fulfil ur desire without even knowing her name; you’ll feel like you’ve fucked that ‘perfect chick who has no problems and needs’…

All I’m sayin is prostitution is here to stay. It takes care of a very crucial desire


Sex is just sex, period. @MaryJane, come see a pun.

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Not punny

never thought it like this but compe ikiingia pesa inanuka

Can we fuck please…jeso! How much longer do I have to wait?

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