My take on Africa economy - Why we need the west and Chinese

Africa needs the world whereas the rest of the world (read western world and Asia) does not need Africa. There i have said it.

A lot of Africans think that the only way for Africa to rise up is to: 1. Elect good leaders who are not thieves 2. Take charge of our natural resources 3. Miraculously unite as one, etc.

Unfortunately the above is not the magic we need. The problem with the African software (brand name Bonobo v1.0 has been exhaustively discussed here. I will not repeat the discussion.

Truth is that we have very many natural resources e.g. oil, precious metals, wood, etc.
In the world of commerce you sell a good to someone at a profit for you to be able to make a sound financial decision. To even be able to increase the profit margin you need to do value addition to that commodity.
Lets take gold for example. Can we be able to identify gold deposits, mine it efficiently, package it, market it and deliver the end product to the consumer all by our selves without help from foreigners? NO

For oil can we be able to identify oil fields, mine the oil, process the oil, identify consumers, transport the oil to the consumer all on our own? NO

Until the day we invest in high quality education, great leadership and develop a sense of sophistication only then shall we start to matter to the rest of the world. Otherwise we are stuck with Bonobo v1.0.


Arikana Chihombori Quao said that among the big big bolders placed in Africa’s path to freeing herself is e.g

  1. The success of WB/IMF is based on the continued failure of African and other third world countries.
  2. There are multi billion $$ western corporation and governments (e.g france) that get billions of $$ out of Africa every year.

This are formidable opponents who already have comprehensive ready made plans on how to NIP IN DA BUD any movement towards Africa freeing herself.

So, the software bonobo v1.5 will be when Africans realize the the magnitude of the forces stacked up against their freedom

Africa is lagging behind in key areas that i personally consider the most important indicators of self-reliance and human advancement

1.Ability to use existing knowledge, improve the current and generate new knowledge to solve immediate problems and pass it to the next generation(most important)
2.Ability to grow food,convert it into different consumable forms and store it for the future usage.
(this is the only area we can say we can make it on our own to some extent if the rest of the world vanished and we were left alone. though for a civilization to advance very few people should be involved in the basic agriculture)
3.Ability to make equipment for the already known means of global communication
4.Ability to make the basic machines to move from one place to another
5.Ability to make medicine to cure diseases in our enviroment
6.Ability to make basic minimum weapons for self defense

On 1,3,4,5,6 we are so behind and this is evident in the energy production and consumption on the sub-saharan continent…
Look at all super-powers and powerful nations that ever existed or currenly exist. They are self reliant on those sectors… and its mandatory.

In summary Africa is lagging behind due to inability/lack of motivation to exploit knowledge for self reliance.

Arabs dont do anything on their own yet they are rich. the problem is our leaders they are sell outs. For example, we had a refinery in Mombasa which was shut down so that we can import processed oil. We were advised by South Africa to process our own titanium but our guys sold us out to some British company.

Stupid post

Until we liberate ourselves from external forces that dictate our politics and economics, we can never be free. In the past any leaders that spoke against foreign influence and African unity were assassinated. Our current leaders would rather fatten their pockets by enslaving us than fight for our freedom.

That should be our ultimate goal. Your thinking to answer a soundly NO is pessimistic and does not build us. All the other things you have said is common business knowledge that you produce to transact where there is demand. If the demand is in the West and Asia, then we shall supply.

Africa has a big problem right now but the biggest is something else.

  1. Education enyewe iko shida. There is very little investment here. I believe our bonobo leaders started out by fearing empowerment brought about by education but right now those in power don’t really care about it. Our own Prez is America educated and yet haleti maendeleo

  2. Notice that countries are succesful even without natural resources e.g Japan and Switzerland. So it is not necessarily natural resources that will get us out of poverty. Infact, the resources are the cause of foreign interference. Rwanda was left alone because it has no value and look where it is now

  3. Africa does not need the world. The bonobo leaders want the world and the world interferes in Africa. Any leaders who could actualize a United Africa are quickly taken care of.

I think the biggest problem ni lack of empowerment and lack of participation in politics. This reduces accountability because thats not how democracy works.

Hapa nikama education contributes widely in showing people their democratic responsibilities.

Hii gitu watu nachimba sana wesdern…Shida ni ulafi ya gova

Nice write up.
But I beg to differ on your insinuation that African cannot effectively discover,mine,refine and market our natural resources without the inputs of foreigners.
Africa from west to south, east to north is blessed with so many intelligent,highly skilled and educated people but the problem is we have chosen to be governed by the idiots. So instead of being led by intellectuals we chose to allow those who have nothing but analogue ideals to lead us.


if these skilled people cannot see the value in voting based on ideas rather than ethnicity or religion then they are not intelligent

a monkey can be trained to dance, just because you are amazed by it’s performance in a circus doesn’t mean it is capable of understanding cause and effect

What is the ratio between the intelligent, the average, and the daft. An intelligent man’s vote counts as one just as the multitudes who outnumber him by 1 to ten thousand. If all the intelligent people voted for a single person, they would not even make up 7% of the total vote.

This is the excuse intelligent people use to vote for trash leaders

Intelligent people do not make a dent in democracy, it is the masses that do. Unless the masses are educated properly, then the tribal lords will always have the advantage. We are a democracy, a failed one at that, not a meritocracy. Populist leaders nearly always outdo smarter reserved leaders. It is a worldwide phenomenon. Even then, an educated populace still often falls to populism, so, unless you have a semblance of meritocracy, your brains will take you nowhere. Like all the inventors, scientists, and professors who have rotted in Kenya due to lack of initiative.

But almost all ‘intelligent’ people in Kenya support their tribal lord