My son school fees disparities

My son is in Kangaru school, but the school fee figure is way too much hicked. How do i compalin and which relevant officies should i contact. I havecomapired with atleast 3 extra county school and their fees is ranging between 22k - 25k.


Fika shule, uone bursar.

Is this boarding ama day school?

Kama ni boarding, thats cheap bana

MGTOW apana tambua.

This is so cheap ata hufai kuongea,cheaper than what I paid for class seven in a private school

58k for an extra county sch is way too high, plus sch fees for this academic year has been reduced by 8k since they’ll be in sch for three less weeks,.should be not more than 45k…alafu hii mambo ya uniform is becoming too much, am paying 24k for my dotas uniform kwa Shule to join moi gals

Waar thats cheaper than my pp1 daughter fees for a term…aai i feel so out of place

Siku zake, Kangaru School ilikuwa shule ya bangi na wazimu kuruka. Ilibadilika? :D:D

Cheaper than my pp2 kid school fees.

Lakini hii Kenya Kila mtu ni mwizi tu, am seeing some funny charges like Development- ksh. 2000 alafu water project- ksh.2000 …kwani iyo development ni Nini na Nini?

Uniform inanunuliwa kwa shule? No wonder nlikutana na principal flani isili akitafta material za uniform…

Kila mwanafunzi analipa BOM teachers ksh.1500. Say if that school has 500 students, The cumulative amount is ksh.750,000. Assuming the school has 10 BOM teachers, they should be paid at least ksh. 25000 every month.
Lakini am certain wanalipwa ksh. 12000 after a delay of two months.

That’s how people manage to erect apartments day and night while taking slayqueens to high end restaurants.alafu wewe na shilingi mbili yako unashindana nao

Yup i think they used to play rugby as well…met them ar some open tournament and the guys looked like they from a gumbaru school (i heard gumbaru ni kiswahili sanifu…school for adults who didnt soma when young) the guys were old and bearded…waseh wa mangu waliruka hio risto…ati si pia mngetuambia tuambie ma cooks wochi na dere wa school bus wajipange mnakuom.
Guys played some shit violent rugby all of them just smelling of weed.

Usijali. Hivyo ndivyo kunaendanga. Watoto wakae vizuri. Ama utatoa upeleke hapo mixed day and boarding?

:DNitauliza kijana

This is a Govermnet school, not a private primo and the Gover chips in some cash to sponsor them. Basically there is a list realised by the gover to show the amnt of fees that should be paid according to schools cluster.

Fees Structure Guidelines for Secondary schools 2024 - Education News Hub

So wasome na ile ya serikali? Serikali inajenga dorm na theatres? Mmejenga dorm ngapi since muanze? That famous school still existed when we were only 11 million souls in Kenya.Your son will be crammed in a dorm with 200 students.

Why did I read this as Kunguru!!! Ktalk is messing My brain!!!

Mgtow can’t relate

Just paid last week for my two kids PP1-62K, Grade 2-69K. These costs are upside-down. Kwanza uni regular it gets even cheaper.

My issue is why won’t they write what those abbreviations stand for? Clowns! What exactly is B.E.S, LT&T, EW&C, ADM, ACT, RMI…??? Lol! :smiley:

Mtafanya chief kiumbe akufe na stress bana wee… ati hiyo fee ni kidogo kuliko ya mtoi wa PP1