My sex-capades:Of Dildos,sexshops and a Mature woman

I actually went to the brothel and i feel like shit all day today! I feel dirty and like i let myself down.
Okay,she was a hot looking blue eyed blonde and she was eager and keen to do anything and everything;She started me off with a sensual all over body massage grinding and rubbing her totally naked body all over me.
I think what put me off was all the questions (maybe because im used to making love to someone whose likes and dislikes i know)
Kila akitaka kufanya kitu, oh…can i do this?,is that good? …do you want me to do it slower? … AAAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!
Anyway,the worst one was after ashaniweka in the mood alafu aanze kuniambia about the extras ni kama a waiter in a restaurant… and what killed the mood for me was when she mentioned ati. for £10 more i will suck you without a condom and for another £20 you dont have to wear a condom! That killed the mood for me just thinking about who she was with before me and how many drunken fuckers go with that option everyday. Anyway,Kura na kuripa! i wasnt going to walk away from a service i had paid for so i asked for a condom and she happily valishad me and i got down to spending my hard earned £50. The craziest thing was i just couldnt cum and i attempted a few “cum quick” positons that always work for me But it just felt wrong.
In the end i had to fantasize about me Banging my Zulu wife while deep inside this hooker who is at this stage also getting frustrated and making all sorts of fake sighs and mourns (i wished she would shut up so i could concentrate…)
I eventually had a half baked cum and all credit to my ex-wife! What a waste of money!
I should have just gone to my ex-wife and bought her a necklace or something and a “sorry” card for £20 quid and would have still had a better shag!
Now i feel Dirty,Guilty and Worthless… NEVER AGAIN!


pole kabuda

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Usiwahi rudia. I hope the guilt and shame have taught you an unforgettable lesson, that you shouldn’t let curiosity and lust take you to an abattoir na sio eti hujui.

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‘i wished she would shut up so that i could concentrate’

kabuda. try to reconcile with your zulu. take afew village elders with u.