My sex-capades:Of Dildos,sexshops and a Mature woman

Hehehe. So, have you visited the flats? Ka-Buda themena continues shortly…

Talkers, fungeni leso na mkuje na stool tupewe uhondo.

Haha Unicorn . . i thought ni venye they look for guys with big mandingos :wink:

Sasa wewe umetumwo ni ndaimono gani?
i tell you what happened jana for me to know.There is a shop downstairs like basically the ground floor of the flat that i live in alafu its run by some Indians na unajua hawa mapanthre in the UK they run the shit mishoni zote wako on the case and even the whole building is owned by one of their relatives.
So jana niko kwa hiyo shop juu me huenda kuget tu-job kadhaa kwa huyo mwenye shop alafu this stunner of a woman walks in and asks for sigara and she looked like she was in ahurry na mimi niko ndani ya duka na niko story na shopkeeper nikasema “serve her first”.
Huyu Dame mngoso was so touched akaanza kuniambia ati sijui they are down on clients next door and she appreciated me letting her go first.Hapo hapo nikamuuliza kwani what do they do next door? Akadai ati …" i dont sell my fanny but i have the best you will ever get"
Nikamwambia basi mimi nitakom Friday juu alisema that is when she is working next.
Akachukua fegi zake na akaishia!
Kidogo after ashaenda ndiyo beste yangu mpanthre aliniambia hiyo ni Hoe -House na ati anawajua wote.
Anyway,kesho niko na date huko but aliniambia ni finje massage na kukamua for half an hour style yoyote hadi kwa mkia.
KTalkers,be patient with me juu sijui their rules on mobile phones but i intend to go juu wife analeta show na i need to explore ndiyo asione ati siwezi mwacha.
Will update you kesho na mbisha if possible.


Ooh Lawd sijui kama nitaoelewa. . nikiskia hizi story za exploration by men

What would be awesome is if you got married then later find out your hubby is @Ka-Buda…or better yet @uwesmake

As long as there r genuine with me . . i wuld try my best

Hehe unaona hao wawili wakichange kweli?

Haya, vuteni stools mkaribie @Ka-Buda.

Story imeanza.

Now wake up. It was a wet dream


Nice stories. Andika best-seller Kabuda. Inaweza kuwa set book poa in high schools.

Hekaya 1 umetuzoea siku hizi.


Hekaya1 hehehe.

@Ka-Buda is one hyper kid

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HUU UJINGA PELEKEA @kichwakibovu

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Do i sense some bitterness?
Anyway i was not referring to sexual conquests i meant all immigrants have to go through not just to adapt in foreign lands but also in growing up and maturing into adulthood juu many people left the comforts of their parents houses and all that comes with it just after high school and you have to make alot of mistakes before you mature and find your way far far away from Home.

No bitterness whatsoever. I thought you were referring to sexcapedes since that was what the thread was all about

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olewa tu, ntakupeleka honeymoon;)

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hii ntacheka weekend yote

I need tomorrow now:(
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