My self-hatred and low self worth has become too much

I’ve dry fried 4 hookers this month, one at sj, another at casino, and another at vip classic. The final one was in Mtwapa last week. I can’t take it anymore, I hate myself so badly it’s like I’m hoping to die. I don’t know what to do.


Before you die, share digits and hekayas


PNC will pass bro no Matter how hard it’s hitting you right now
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Step 1: Stop taking alcohol.

Most bad decisions start with alcohol. It impairs your judgment.

Disclaimer: I drink occasionally.


Wait a minute. Did you just say “dry fried”?

Shauri yako bruh. You are an adult.


Acha kupima kijiji wazimu…Ni ngumu sana lanye kuitikia dry fry. you people think lanyez huchapa umalaya juu ya fun. Wote ni wazazi wanatafutia watoto… Ni ngumu kupata lanye bila mtoto. Unless unasema condom iliburst. But incase what you are saying is true, you are biggest fool around. Who dry fries women ovyo ovyo, not just lanyez


so you have decided hiv and syphilis to take you out early before your low self esteem does it :rofl: :rofl:

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Nikama umechomeka ukapata PNC

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:rofl: :rofl:

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Kunywa PEP/PrEP my friend. Seriously. Alafu enda therapy.

:smile: dry fry battalion commander detected

You are a bug chasing philistine. Kys

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OP probably doesn’t know the meaning of dry fry. He thinks its having sex.

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Dawa ya kutoa lock ni pombe ingine. Similarly, dawa ya kutoa pnc ni kunyandua lanye wengine.
Get over the pnc phase halafu upunguze polepole. Lakini hapana dry fry maliar.
Na pia hizo ni hustle nne umesupport mdau. Unajali wanabiashara wadogo.

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I doubt this happening in this time and age.

If it’s true, then you must forgive yourself, and don’t do it again–or you will eventually kill yourself for real.
Now, if you kill yourself, your family will weep and bury your body, then forget you and go on with life. Your soul (the breath of life/your consciousness) will continue on. It’s not your body, coz you didn’t create it, even your parents don’t know how you got formed in the womb.
So, what will you tell the Creator when He asks you, What did you do to the body I gave you?

life is a prison death is an exit…what is the point of living if you do not have the will for it? puthy, a family, drugs, god? :rofl: :rofl: there is no meaning to all this, it is just a game imposed upon us by cruel higher beings.

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Let’s assume then that you are right, that life is a game imposed on us by higher beings. What makes you think you can escape punishment? You have no idea where you are exiting to.