My response to the conflict

@mlipuayote There is a question you posted about the end game of the conflict but I can’t locate it, so I am going to post the answer here for more robust discussion.

First and foremost, one state solution is dead in the water and nobody should be talking about it. Jews and Palistinkians won’t live in peace ever and placing them together is a ticking time bomb. Secondly, Jews have heavily invested in that area and taking away their land willy nilly would cause them to react irrationally and might even use nukes. Mind you the whole area was a desolate desert and Jews have painfully developed it. Nowadays Tel Aviv rivals some cities in the West.

I believe the end to this conflict would be a 3 state solution. How? Recognize West Bank as the ultimate representative of the Palistinkian people and make Gaza an overseas province of West Bank (like Hong Kong and Macao). So West Bank would be fully recognized and given UN recognition and Gaza would be under the wings of West Bank. Hamas should be declared a terrorist group and completely eradicated. PLO to be elevated as the government of Palestine and elections to be made. Abbas has stayed in that seat for long.

To make sure everything is working properly, Israel should FULLY control the airspace and marine waters of the region to prevent Iran from scuttling peace efforts (some might argue sovereignty but imo, tough decisions and concessions must be made).

To make sure Israel suffers too, they should be directed to provide $200B to rebuild West Bank and Gaza ($100B each, once again, this is a tough decision and concessions must be made, but again peace doesn’t come easily. Major and painful decisions must be undertaken)

That way, Palistinkians can have a place to call their state and Jews can keep Israel.

Lastly, Jerusalem should be granted autonomous status like Vatican to prevent any side from claiming it (once again, a very painful decision to be made, but peace doesn’t come easily).

From there whoever makes trouble should be completely eradicated.


There is no way Jews will give up Jerusalem, it’s like asking Muslims to give up Mecca or France Paris
That can never happen. Those other proposals are debatable


Fair point. Should be divided then.

The same way Africans accepted the shitty boundaries created by colonialists, these guys should accept that harsh reality too. Their resistance only serves to give Israel an excuse to expand their borders

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This is a very sober answer. Maasai in Kenya and Tanzania were cut off. Same for Teso in Kenya and Uganda. We can’t get what we want but we can live with the present reality.

Nope. It was done before, Muslims were sabotaging it, terrorizing other faiths. They can’t share, they gotta have it all. Most of you don’t seem to grasp the Muslim psyche and mentality. These guys don’t give an inch. Matter of fact they claim Spain as their own land because get this THEY ONCE OCCUPIED IT. When will Dhimmis even learn true nature of Muslims?


Wueh, tough. That’s why I advocated for Israel to control sea and air and all border crossings.