My reservations.

I had these reservations about screwing this kale chick. I also had reservations about screwing this Kamba chick. In both cases, my mjulus threatened not to give a standing ovation but after much cajolling, promises of paradise, force and undue influence I managed to get john to stand. A move I will forever regret. Both goats were as tasteless as cassava. I hated myself for so much effort yet the risk reward ratio, after assesments and indepth audits, were quite low.
I particulary have a bone to pick with the kale. She just slept there . Staring at me like I had a wooden nose. Only speaking to complain I was big. And crying in my 20th minute ati amechoka.
What I am saying, if kababa doesn’t want, just let it pass. Might be he knows something you don’t. Let your cheating and philandering be worth the repercussions should you get nubbed. Rariani thayû.

Kales are generally conservative. Sii rahisi kupata a kale chick who is freaky between the sheets.

You totally ignored to listen to your big head and moreso your small head.

Now you have to deal with the middle head called the “heart”.

How old are u? Unashindwa kuamsha aje na mtoto ashakutolea suruali,?

Only speaking to complain I was big
We will believe this the day we will hear donkeys complaining :confused::confused:

You need to learn to make your own entertainment. Bend them over, put them on all fours and go in from behind, or lay them out and use the mdomo. I have also been known to lift her up and bang her while standing. If she’s being particularly obnoxious, put a pillow on the floor, have her kneel, sit on the sofa, open your legs and instruct her to do her kunguru duties while you watch some porno. A young man in this day and age must be resourceful to get his pleasures.

My day today is made. This is an award winning post!:smiley:

by reserved anamaanisha most of them ni washamba…

Wakale ni washamba sana…

Kila mwanaume huku lazima ajichoche :smiley:

Kenyatalk lazima kila mwanaume ajichoche :smiley:



Only that siezi kutumia picha uone.