My reddit post got 56,200 upvotes within 22 hours

I love nature and try spreading the nature-loving bug by posting some interesting finds huko kwa internet, especially on Reddit.
I posted this pic jana and as we speak,It got 56.2K upvotes[ATTACH=full]314538[/ATTACH]

As an internet entrepreneur,I am slowly learning what Reddit likes and doesn’t like
Reddit is a goldmine if you find a way to monetize our posts

If your intent was to help others then tell it all.

mbona sipati documentary ya io worm…
nipe link

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Pia mimi sijaipata

Ata David Attenborough hajui hii kitu.

Reddit kuna anal porn?

Anything you can think of

hio dudu iko Kenya?

I think nishaiona mahali…not sure lakini

Hii Kiroboto iko na architectural skills kushinda hawa Africans below.

africans were moulded by their very rich , paradise-like environment … hence the lifestyle , appearance… etc etc