My recent girlfriend says I have no sense of direction

So I packed my stuff and right

How did you get a customized handle? Ulichunishwa sukuma?

Perhaps you smashed her like a hammer slamming into a rock, without feeling

Release her to the streets she will be back…

Top joke pale subreddit ya Jokes. Takataka be original.

Top whistle blower pale ktalk. Taka taka, be a man

Kuwa mpole keyboard warrior. Handle was there since 4 months.

village nincompoop hujajinyonga bado

You meant Left, right?

She is probably right, but it also seems kama she is looking for a way out. Let her be free

Hehehe…that’s a cute joke.

Sasa ju nimekufurahisha, do i get a chance in sliding inside your honey pot :wink:

Heheh. Sujafurahi to that extent.
Keep them coming.

A gay man walks into a pub. As he tries to make his way to the barman he encounters a gentleman blocking the way.
He leans over and politely whispers in his ear.
‘Pardon me, but can I push in your stool?’

gay jokes pelekea @MBOMB

Malaya muzee meza ARV polepole…Ghaseer.