My prophecy..


Allow me to prophesy. I am not an actual prophet. But I prophesy based on actual logic and prevailing cultural behaviours i have seen.

I did prophesy as seen above that Nairobi Expressway would be implemented poorly and that it would be completed with no pedestrian walk ways, destruction of lower roads and the environment without its restoration.

I did prophesy that Green Park Terminal in Nairobi would be the biggest failure and won’t deliver anything. And it has come to pass. Nothing much from it. I also prophesied about the failure of BRT being implemented in Thika Superhighway as promised by James Macharia and it has come to pass.

I also prophesied that BRT would not be implemented together with Expressway as James Macharia had convinced many.

Now I give another prophesy. The so called Low Cost housing project being done by Ruto government will end up in absolute failure and it will be a citadel of corruption. First most of those houses will end up being unoccupied because they are costly compared to the earnings of majority of Kenyans and secondly most of those houses will end up being taken by politicians and who is who in government who shall then use it for businesses by renting it.

Quite true

Apo kwa BRT ata mi nilisema apa apa ni mnyambo ya punda

I prophecy JSKSLL (Jambazi sugu kutoka sukoi lenye luwere) will meet his maker slowly and painfully

Such tweets make you embarrassed to be Kenyan. Why can’t we get anything right?

Its simple, because no one ever gets held accountable for mismanagement or looting public funds so it emboldens others to do the same thing. A good example of what happened in Kilifi shakahola all the govt employees including Chiefs, DCI NIS and Police etc are still in office despite such astronomical failure

James Macharia was a fool. He had the personality of a worm.

He was there for the big man, for corruption

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D msiito SASA ni lenye luwere ?

I predict utakuliwa mkia na pharmacy

kama tumekubaliana izo houses ni costly beyond affordability ya mkenya wa kawaida, then kuna shida gani politicians wakizichukua wakodishie mkenya wa kawaida kwa ile rent iko affordable?

Kununua mkenya wa kawaida hataweza, lakini kurent ataweza.

how come it’s raila being punished by the gods yet he’s been a righteous man all throughout his life? can we say that the gods are blind? ama chuma cha Ruto ki motoni, tungoje?

I stopped reading at this point. Why would an expressway have such? Do you know the meaning of an expressway? Do you have a BSc?

Just use your logic, its not difficult. Not everything must be explained to you in black and white. The entire expressway work was meant to include the rehabilitation and improvement of the lower road. And the lower road was supposed to have BRT, cycling lanes and pedestrian walkways. Thats what I meant. But seems you need everything explained to you like a baby.

  1. You are contradicting yourself
    2.That wasn’t mentioned in the contract!

It was in the contract. That was what James Macharia told us
Expressway contractor gets Sh9bn tender to revamp old road - VIDEO - Business Daily

Waziri Jemmo was a big liar. Take that from me elder.

How the new JKIA-Westlands expressway will look like | Nation

Yeah thats how he lied and got away with many of his lies because even our githeri media never held him accountable for his words and plans

Hiyo ndio maombi poyo lakini uko sure unataka president Gachagua in charge?

No no no wewe hatutaki kijiji ifungwe tubaki kwa JSKS thank you and welcome