My postings here

They’ve spanned all spheres of life, they’ve been witty, informative, serious, funny, stupid, shitty, great, dumb, religious, fucked up, erotic, condescending, uplifting, moderate, excessive, objective, subjective, egocentric, old, new but always FACTUAL. If @Mworia Wameru didn’t post it it probably never happened or just wasn’t important enough or he was just too busy or occupied.

It’s surprising that @Mworia Wameru hasn’t made VE here in this virtual platform yet despite being only a few years away from being a VE in real life. People take my opinion seriously cos it’s the one opinion that matters most.

Word of advice: Fuck whenever you can. It’s a duty, it’s our life’s calling.

For some many reasons I love your posts . I’ll cheer you on brother.

Nikikupatia like utawacha kupost nonsense?

Lamba lolo …wacha kutusumbua


I will not solicit for likes @Starscream. I know the value/quality/allure/pull of my posts. I’ll call you when I need someone to put @GeorginaMakena in her place. Till then, adios brother

For some reason I find you funny in a twisted way.