My perfect man


Where do these men reside or found?

Hiyo ni kukaliwa mbaya mbofu

This is a click bait to get the MGTOW roused up.Pay it no mind at all

People joke too much

was she sick? if not then that is the most selfish woman in the whole world.

I wouldn’t want my man to stand that long. Su akae chini and I can put my head on his lap

Kukaliwa proper. Ino ni ng’ombe.

Wanaishi hapo Twirra

It’s what he gets for marrying a selfish narcissist. She’ll probably cheat on him with a nigga that doesn’t even reply to her texts. The more you compromise yourself to try and please a woman, the less respect she has for you. These creatures don’t obey the laws of logic at all.

Kanini ni ng’ombe ndogo

Hizi pic za net usiamini 100%



This is not love. It is enslavement.

Hahahahaha BTW i was just about to respond to this umeffi. Thanks for the quick, timely reminder.

Hii ni picha imewekwa caption, video evidence needed

Picha ya Six hours ?